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2019 Prophecy: Marriages Will Strengthen in 2019


2019 Prophecy: Marriages Will Strengthen in 2019

God also showed me a strengthening of marriages in 2019. A heaviness has been on many marriages all the way through the end of 2018. Many couples have been challenged with the idea of divorce. But I believe God’s salvation for all of this lies within your mate. A wave of forgiveness will spread through the United States within marriages and President Trump and Melania will be an example of a strong leadership couple in love.

The eye of the Lord is on “Generation Z,” specifically children from years of age 6 through 22. The eyes of the Lord have gone to and fro throughout the land seeking hearts that are fully turned to Him. He has focused on Generation Z and there has been a unified cry from the hearts of Generation Z. Spiritual strength and boldness are upon this generation. They will move forward in leadership and creative strategies of how to lead the Kingdom of God.

I see waves of healing flowing throughout the Body of Christ and the secular world. I see the Body of Christ rejoicing and thanking the Lord for deliverance from infirmity. Like the 1950s, where the mighty healing evangelist came to focus, 2019 will birth saints in the Body of Christ with this same gifting. Glory to God!


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