A Clarion Call to Pray and Decree Over Korea

Holy Spirit is beckoning us to intercede and to decree His heart on these matters.

By Dawn Hill

A few years ago, I asked the Lord for a nation to lift up in prayer. It did not take long for the Holy Spirit to speak to me. I heard two words: North Korea. Now, I have to admit, I was ignorant about this nation and its history, and I had no idea the burden that would come upon me. I had no idea that God would instruct me to prophesy over this nation and the DMZ in my prayer time and in corporate prayer gatherings. I had no idea He would give me a Korean word to declare over this nation, and I had no idea He would give me a prophetic dream regarding this nation and our nation that would take months for me to interpret. What I am about to share with you needs to be bathed in fervent prayer and faith. It must be saturated with a focus on the heart of the Father and not our own understanding.

I woke up the morning of September 28, 2017 from an intense dream within a dream. As a person who rarely dreams at night, I knew that God was trying to reveal something significant to me. I submitted this dream to trusted prophetic voices in my life, and I have sought revelation from the Holy Spirit on this for the past several months. Though I will not share the entirety of this dream, as I want to use wisdom with such a matter as this, I want to share some things I believe the Holy Spirit has revealed to me, as well as some things that happened recently during a time of corporate prayer. Holy Spirit is beckoning us to intercede and to decree His heart on these matters.

The dream within a dream

In the beginning of this dream, I was standing in the middle of a local street called State Street. I stood with four generations of women, one of whom was my mother-in-law. Suddenly, a white plane came flying down low toward us, and it was being followed by a black stealth bomber. A missile launched from the black plane, hitting a parking garage on the right side of the street. When this happened, we took refuge behind a white concrete building. No one was injured. However, my mother-in-law’s car was in the parking garage.

During the dream, we went to this building and found her car, which did not look like her normal vehicle; it was an older van that appeared damaged in the front, but she insisted it was her car and that we could drive it. The dream shifted several times with different scenes playing out, and all the while during the dream, I was thinking of North Korea. I woke up in the dream, thinking about the dream I had just experienced. Suddenly, I was transported to this same street, only this time, my husband was standing next to me in the middle of the street.

I looked in the distance, and I saw the silhouette of the planes. I remembered the first dream with the planes, and I knew what was coming. I looked at my husband and said, “When I tell you to run, run.” I looked in front of us, and the white plane was flying as it did in the first dream, except this time, my vision changed and zoomed in on the side of the white plane where I saw a United States flag. The black plane followed behind it, and I gave the decree to run. As we did, I remembered the white concrete building from the first dream, and we went behind it for safety. The dream ended with me experiencing an open vision of a white city and a gold dome in the sky surrounded by angelic activity.

For the longest time, I did not understand what God was trying to tell me, but now I believe that this dream held symbols of several nations. Some things I do not feel comfortable releasing at this time, but what I do understand is vital to the body of Christ. This is not a time to declare war in the natural, but it is time to pray and to make war with prophecies, and it is time to pay attention.

The assault launched on prayer and the vision of the prophets

I remember thinking about North Korea frequently during this dream. It made no sense to me, but it seemed to invade my thoughts while I was dreaming. It hit me one day that this State Street is a street dividing two states: Virginia and Tennessee. In our area, we refer to our region as Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The missile that hit the building was on the Tennessee side. In the natural, no building like this exists, but I had an inner knowing in this dream that I was on this street. I believe this street represented North and South Korea with the middle of the road being the DMZ and “State” representing the state of this nation.

Around that same time of the north and south revelation, it occurred to me that the building hit was intentional as it held my mother-in-law’s car, who happens to be the lead intercessor over our prayer ministry. I realized that the white plane was not the black bomber’s target, but it was the building holding the ministry/vehicle of prayer. I know this dream sounds strange, but I need you to hear me. There is an assault on prayer in the heavenlies from the demonic realm over this very situation with North Korea and the United States, and to take the bait of flexing our American power is to negate the greater weapon that is prayer and intercession.

As I stood on this street with my husband, whose name means, “victory of the people”, I thought it strange that I would tell him when to run. But then I remembered my vision changed to that of an eagle in the dream, and I zoomed in on the plane. I believe that I represented the prophets, and he represented the church in the dream. In order for the victory of the people to manifest, the prophets must be willing to see and to decree with precision and divine instruction. The shamar prophets must be willing to see ahead and to know what is coming and to give the right instruction and warning to the body.

What should we do?

I believe in this dream there were indications of empty threats or even decoys to distract from the real threat, both in the natural and in the spirit. I have been praying not only for this nation, but for the salvation of Kim Jung Un. Since that dream, I have been declaring over that nation to be unified, one Korea. I have been declaring revival to hit the North once again. This year marks 111 years since they experienced revival in Pyongyang, the “Jerusalem of the east”. Their current state is primed for a move of God. Are we willing to war for them in the Spirit?

Last month during a corporate prayer gathering, I was asked to pray for North Korea, and right before I went up to pray, I saw an internal vision of the nation of Korea as broken pottery, but then gold came to fill in the DMZ, mending it back together. There is a Japanese term for this mending of pottery called, Kintsugi, meaning “golden repair”. I began to pray, and we unified to declare over the nation of Korea that a golden repair would take place in this nation and that every plot and scheme of the powers of darkness were brought to nothing in this ordeal with nuclear threats and such. I cried out that the church in North Korea would arise, knowing that God was hearing their cries and the cries of the people of that land. We agreed for revival to come again to the land.

Since that dream and times of prayer, I have been encouraged by things I have seen in the news as well as other prophetic voices coming forth with dreams and prophetic insight on this matter. Prayer and intercession is powerful. It is far more powerful than our own strength and force. I urge you to pray with fervency and tenacity in the spirit for this situation. Prophets, use your spiritual vision to see so you know how to decree because the victory of the people depend upon it.  I continue to declare over that nation, Sun hi, goodness and joy. Prayer cannot be taken out. It is our responsibility, whatever the prayer burden, to remain vigil and steadfast. Let’s make war on the prophecies for others on the other side of the world, those we may meet this side of heaven.

Dawn Hill is a prophetic voice and writer known as the Lovesick Scribe. Her ministry focuses on passionately pursuing the Bridegroom while encouraging others to do the same. She serves at Impact HUB in Bristol, Virginia, training and equipping fellow believers to hear the voice of God and to function in the gift of prophecy. She resides in Virginia with her husband and daughter.

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