A Cry of Travail

Hannah travailed at the right time!

By Yerinita Curtis-Fuller

Hannah’s cry pierces the very core of my entire being. “Why?” Because I can relate to her cry in so many ways. Hannah’s travail was provoked by her rival “Peninah” who ridiculed and mocked her barrenness. Hannah would see Peninah give birth to children year after year while she remained childless. “Can you imagine how painful that was?” Finally, Hannah came to the end of herself and she went to the temple and prayed so deeply that the Priest thought she was drunk!
Yes, it was very cruel for Peninah to torture her, but look at the results! Peninah provoked Hannah to pray like she had never prayed before! She was so desperate that she may a vow to the Lord!” Have you been there?” I can shout a resounding, “Yes!” I have been in a place where someone’s evil pushed me into doing good! I can relate to seeing others receive what I have travailed for years! As a matter of fact, they seem to get it a lot easier than me! Yes, Hannah was harassed, mocked, and ridiculed for years, BUT she prayed herself into, “THE APPOINTED TIME!.”
Hannah travailed at the right time! What if she had given up? What if she had accepted her BARRENESS as her DESTINY? Her rival may have pushed her right into the end of herself, but she also pushed her to the beginning of her BREAKTHROUGH! And the Lord remembered her! I am in that place today! I have been provoked to cry out like never before! I’ve been provoked to pray the most heartfelt prayers! I’ve been provoked to not give up until MANIFESTATION comes!
Are you a Hannah today? Are you tired of feeling like the promise has past you by? Let this provoke you into the deepest and most heart felt prayers towards the Lord! And He will remember you! Press pass the Peninah’s in your life! They are there to push you right into the presence of God to get your miracle! God promises that he will turn evil into good because we love Him! Pray Hannah Pray! Perhaps God will give you more than what you travailed for because He loves you! Hannah gave birth to Samuel and plenty more children after him! Yes, this is the God we serve! He will give you double for your trouble right in the face of those who provoked you! Pray Hannah Pray until you get the victory!
Reference Scripture Passage : 1 Samuel 1: 9-28, 1 Samuel 2
 Yerinita Curtis- Fuller is a gifted author and teacher, possessing a true aptness to encourage, empower, and uplift the Body Of Christ. She has mentored others for over a decade. She has an AA Degree in Human Services Management and now pursuing a degree in Psychology.  Yerinita ministers healing, hope, courage, and faith through teaching the Word of God. She loves to mentor and empower  women to birth out their God -ordained purpose in the earth .Yerinita is known for flowing in the gift of exhortation to  those in need. She moves in love, mercy, and compassion and has impacted many as  the power of the Holy Spirit  enables her. Yerinita and her husband, Larry  of 15 years reside in the  Chicagoland area where they parent seven beautiful children. Their family is under the spiritual covering of Heritage of Life Covenant Church where Apostle Lancer and Tracy Delashment are her leaders. Her family also has the honor of being spiritually covered/mentored by Pastor Bruce and Sharon Haynes.
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