Betty King Prophesies: The Church Will be Global Emergency Service in 2019

Earlier this year at the Global Prophetic Summit, I brought this word – that the Church will be a global emergency service. This means that we as the Church will be the ones to respond to the crises and problems in the nations. This will be able to happen because the governmental anointing with the Church has expanded and increased, as His people have come through the processes that allow them to walk in a greater level of authority. As we head into 2019, it is important that we hear all that the Lord is saying about the governmental anointing.

Zechariah 2:4-5 reveals:‘…Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of people and animals in it. And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within.’

The Lord highlighted Zechariah 2 to me. Jerusalem is the Church, God’s ekklesia, and this scripture means that what God is doing within His Church will not be contained by any natural or man-made walls. With the expansion of the governmental anointing, walls of division are being removed so that we will come together, regardless of what countries or territories we are in. Different cultures and creeds are coming together as the government of God, to meet the needs of God’s people, and to remove limitations so that He can transform the cities, nations and regions.

God is the glory in the midst of the ekklesia. However, over the years, the ekklesia has been interfered with, and many times its government has not been well formed – people have been appointed too quickly, or have not been able to steward what has come because of woundedness or brokenness.

However, God has raised fathers and mothers for this season, who carry an authority to preserve truth even in the midst of error. With the influx of people coming into the Church, and with people moving between places, there are whisperings of what can and can’t be done. In the midst of this, if government does not remain strong in its identity, it can be rerouted to start wars or start parties! Beware demonic detours! Those with governmental anointing will discern these misdirections and those carrying them, and separate the vile from the pure. This discernment will turn situations around and cause Satan’s works to backfire on him – his attempts to disrupt God’s purposes will become a source of information about him, and ammunition against him. Those with the governmental anointing will be like the threshing instrument of Isaiah 41, breaking up the enemy’s structures and preserving the glory in the midst of the Church.

Isaiah 41:15-16 tells us: “See, I will make you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp, with many teeth. You will thresh the mountains and crush them, and reduce the hills to chaff. You will winnow them, the wind will pick them up, and a gale will blow them away. But you will rejoice in the Lord and glory in the Holy One of Israel.”

There are others who will latch onto the government of the ekklesia simply because they want something to do, and they too will become a distraction if they are not the right people for the work ahead. These may be good people with good hearts, but if they are not rightly positioned, they will eventually break down what they are doing and leave things back at square one. In a government there are many departments, and so there is room for everyone, but everyone needs to be in the right place. Every person should know what they are there to do, whether they are there to initiate something or to come alongside and help build. This is about the state of the heart. It’s also important that the ekklesia is able to recognise the true forerunners, to ensure what is being birthed can be preserved. As I was praying into all this, I saw the Lord opening up the minds of gatekeepers and pouring in the fullness of wisdom needed to deal with the opportunists that will come.

Clear dialogue is a key to preserving His glory in the midst of the ekklesia. Miscommunication brings misrepresentation, and leaves space for the spirit of Leviathan to twist things that have been said. In this season, difficult conversations are needed get to the root and truth of situations. This will prevent wrong alignments with people who are wounded or dealing with rejection and looking for somewhere to create unnecessary issues. Instead, clear communication will create understanding, and remove distractions and suspicions. Ephesians 4 v.29 says “let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth”. Good communication is so vital for preserving the lives of those whose shoulders His government is being carried on.

There are people that move in authority in regions, and there are those that have the power in those regions. I heard the Lord say very clearly that those with power will clear the environment for those with authority to come and shift the atmosphere, for His purposes to be established in that place.

The transitions and changes taking place in 2019 will create a need for people and resources. However, don’t ever let your needs lead you to make the mistake of appointing people too quickly. Make sure that people are clear on the rules of engagement of the government in the place they are coming into. Lots of people come in with criticisms of leadership, and are unwilling to submit because of hurts and wounds from the past.

Although they are gifted and anointed, don’t rush to appoint them. Even good intentions are easily misrepresented in their eyes because of their wounds, no matter what you give to them. There is also often pride to deal with, where people think of their giftings as their gifts, and not God’s! A lot of wisdom is needed with these people if they are meant to be in your government. Discernment is needed to know the difference between those transitioning into something else and those staying to build, so that you don’t build what has to be broken down later, because you didn’t discern their intentions. The right dialogue is also so important. Don’t be desperate to build. Psalm 127 v.1 says “unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.”

I marvel at this. Provision is going to come from sources that you least expect. It’s not business as usual. The most generous people are yet to be seen, and they will give the big and the small to get the work done.

The churches that are receiving the governmental mantle have already done and are doing intentional discipleship with their people, so that the word of God is established solidly in their lives. This is not about just preaching messages on Sunday to keep people happy so that bills can be paid, or yielding to people’s demands for ‘ice cream’ messages. Instead it’s about making sure that people are getting what is truly good for them and are fed a real diet. The Father provides daily bread to take care of the bills, and it’s about staying close to Him for that. What is needed is for churches to be strong in mind and emotion to support people as they work through the depth of what the word is doing in them. Don’t interpret people’s struggles as rejection. Instead recognise that they are just going through a process.

Intentional discipleship is needed so that the people are ready to steward and preserve the increase that God gives. It will help fix the leakages so what comes from God is not wasted. The people who come through the process will know how to preserve what comes to them and operate in the place that God gives them. When a plane takes off, every piece needs to stay in its place if that plane is going to fly safely. You will be able to fly with the ones that have been proven by their process.

Also, be careful to steward and raise people in such a way that when the enemy distracts one person, the others are still standing. Be careful of showing favouritism, as when one person is set in place, another may detonate if there is bitterness in their heart. I saw the enemy trying to bring confusion and sicknesses through this route. May God have mercy on us.

Be courageous to deal with your fear of the unknown, knowing the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom and understanding you need. The journey ahead is not going to be smooth, far from it. Make sure to recognise your own fears of the unknown when it comes to investing, because some of the opportunities are huge. Don’t miss them. The right discernment will give you the confidence to execute what the Lord has given you to do.

At all costs His glory needs to be protected in the midst of His ekklesia. But there is no formula to steward what He’s started. It’s really about obedience at every step. Because he loves His Church He will come and provide. When he does, we need to know what we have received and how to stoke the fire so that it burns up whatever is in the way of His purpose. This requires courage and boldness.

In a picture the Lord showed me He brought men and the women, midwives and vinedressers, to mop your brows and wipe away your tears. You may need to walk away from some old relationships, but new people are coming who know what to do. They have their towels and buckets with them. Walk away where you need to, but do recognise the relationships that are meant to stay.

Isaiah 61:5: “Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and the sons of the foreigner shall be your ploughmen and your vinedressers.”

The Lord showed me clearly that in this season the enemy is looking to distract and entangle key people by drawing them into gossip and unnecessary dramas. The enemy’s purpose is to confuse and capture their thoughts, so that they don’t carry out assignments and responsibilities they have been given. These dramas will seem to many to come from nowhere, but it is simply that the enemy has found deep and unseen places to operate from. The key to defeating the enemy’s strategy will be to refuse drama, and to align only with those that are committed to unity and peace in the purposes of God. Alignment with the right prophetic voices will pre-empt the enemy’s movements and uncover the places he is operating from.

The enemy is also seeking to use familiarity to hinder purpose. This is a Jebusite spirit, waiting for the moment that a person rises up to by trigger something in the people around them to pull them down again. Discern when this is happening and realign! Partner with those who know how to celebrate the favour of God.  

In Matthew 2, the wise men went to Herod with information about the birth of the coming King, Jesus. Herod recognised that the time had come for God’s government, and did all he could to stop it to protect his own power. Many lost their lives because of it. In this time of the governmental, be careful who you share information with, so that what needs to birthed can be preserved without unnecessary warfare or casualties. The wise men came in innocence and so were helped by God, but beware of where you go knowingly carrying information. As God preserved these wise men, pray too that your destiny helpers will be preserved!

Even the earthly kingdoms are making plans, but we win because Jesus wins.


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