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God is Setting Thousands Free from the Witchcraft of Pornography


God is Setting Thousands Free from the Witchcraft of Pornography

On a very recent, 15-hour road trip, I was suddenly ‘seeing’ a vision of hundreds of thousands of people being ‘caught up’ in the sky. Overlaid upon all of these people was a massive judge’s gavel. The encounter was so vivid that for hours, as I drove, every time I looked at the sky I immediately saw the same vision of thousands ascending to the air. My first question was, “God, are you showing me the rapture?” As quickly as I asked, the Lord responded and said, “These are lives being set free from the witchcraft of pornography.”

A Sevenfold Recompense

The Lord continued and said, “I am rendering verdicts of repayment.” When I heard the Lord say this, instantly I knew that the ‘spiritual identity theft’ that has plagued this generation as a result of pornography was being dealt with. I was suddenly reminded of a powerful dream I had. In my dream I was brought before the courts of Heaven by an accuser. The accuser had a very large and condemning list of ‘crimes’ I was guilty for. In my dream I realized that the accusations against me were somehow true and I wept before the court, admitting my guilt. One thing I realized is that in Heaven, sins are magnified. I was being charged with murder, adultery and more, for things such as lust, gossip and hatred. It is exactly as Jesus said in the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5). Lust is seen as adultery, hatred as murder, and so on.

In my dream, as I stood before the judge weeping and acknowledging my guilt, suddenly my Advocate rose to my defense. He said, “It is true what this accuser has said about Andrew; he is guilty. However, when Andrew was committing these ‘crimes,’ his accuser had put him under witchcraft.” With intense anger, the Judge rose to His feet, pointed at my accuser, and said, “Because you put him under witchcraft you will be held guilty for his crimes, and must repay sevenfold what you stole” (Proverbs 6:31).

When the Lord had brought this dream to mind, I knew that God was reminding me of His heart for people put in prisons of bondage through the witchcraft of pornography. It’s not that God was removing our responsibility for sin, but He was emphasizing His great desire to show us mercy and judge our real enemy, because of the victory of Jesus Christ.

Identities, Dreams, Relationships and Destinies Are Being Restored!

This generation has been plagued by pornography. It has left a generation in a staggering state of confusion. It has taunted and imprisoned many, even in the Body of Christ. The usual ‘mantra’ coming from the Church in dealing with this issue is demanding repentance. As one who has personally dealt with this sin, often in the past my ‘repentance’ was separate from a real understanding of my identity in Christ. The fruit of that ‘disconnected repentance’ left me feeling ashamed, condemned and powerless. True repentance is a change of mind that happens as a result of real revelation.

I believe the gavel has dropped against the ‘spiritual web’ of pornography. Our righteous Judge has rendered a verdict, and the thief is making sevenfold repayment of stolen revelation. Right now identities, dreams, relationships and destinies that have been stolen through the witchcraft of pornography are being restored. Many in this generation are about to receive a fresh revelation of who they are in Christ. Many new salvations are coming and these souls will come in the Kingdom with an unshakable revelation of their new identity in Christ. Though the thief has come to steal, kill, and destroy, Jesus has come to give life, and life to the fullest (John 10:10)!

I see a massive jailbreak coming from prisons of sexual perversion and addiction. Those who have felt and believed they could never get free of these addictions will suddenly lose all desire for them as they recover the Father’s heart and their righteous identity in Jesus Christ.

I prophesy that a Biblical understanding of identity and righteousness in Christ is being released across this nation. I prophesy that hundreds of thousands are being set free from the witchcraft of pornography. I believe it will be said of hundreds of thousands in the days ahead, “That is what some of you were! But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of our Lord Jesus the Messiah and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:11).

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