Prophecy: Opportunities Coming in Rapid Succession in 2019

Don’t give up! Three keys to overcome are gifts of endurance, perseverance and stabilizing through peace. The Lord wants to quiet your heart of fear and frustration.

Red Rover, Red Rover, let Jesus come over! Ministries resistant to the Holy Spirit will invite the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Lord has encounters planned for every ministry. These encounters will bring godly flexibility and patience.

You need focus. Support others and God will take care of your promotion. This season is a season of giving. We don’t give to get, however God is especially focused on your giving. Your result will be blessing. Give to His people and His house, and He will build yours.

It’s a year of “choice.” War against passivity. Making decisions then moving forward are needful. Passivity is the result of fear, perfection or rebellion. Make your choice and turn your test in. You will learn from your mistakes.

Loose the Shame and Find New Direction

The face of the Lord is against the shame that the enemy has produced in your life. Forgiveness and grace are before you. Receive His honor because you are His child. Your path of destiny is before you. There is a “yellow brick road” and your destiny direction will become clear this year. The revelation you have will expand and greater clarity will be added. Look up and look out. Take your step and complete your destiny path.

“Come now, and let us reason together…” (Isaiah 1:18). Bring your questions to Jesus. Uncertainties have caused an unnecessary pause in your progress. Reason with Jesus and let Him answer your questions so you can move full speed ahead. We are NOT looking for perfection but we are looking for progress.

Turn the knob and use your confidence. Your open doors in previous seasons looked more like a long hallway in which you found yourself waiting. This year the doors will clearly be seen. Use the confidence God has given you. Put your hand on the knob and joy will begin to arise. Turn the knob, which might show some resistance, but don’t stop. Turn the knob and push the door open. It’s your time!

It’s a brand new day! Nothing in this season remains the same from previous seasons. Your walk with God is different in this season. Methods and familiarities have changed. Walk in faith and trust, and you will discover your greatest fulfillment in life. Be prepared to make a 45 degree turn. Brand new levels are before you!

Step Up Higher – a New Level

Many in the Body of Christ have been unaware of walls of pride that exist in their lives. The grace of the Lord will shine the light on our pride. God gives grace to the humble and resists the proud (James 4:6).Your new level is a season of discovery. Prepare yourself for the miraculous breakthrough that is before you. Some of the issues remain the same, but there is a new level of presentation.

Opportunities will present themselves in rapid succession. With revelation and wisdom, you will discern which opportunities are for you at this point. Learn to make quick decisions for this season with confidence and as a witness in the spirit. The year 2018 had testing, proving and pruning. God wants to wake you up, and for you to become fully alert and on point. Your alertness will help you to move quickly because God is moving with acceleration.

Assignments that we have received will NOT go uncompleted. The Lord is moving powerfully in our life to become a finishing generation. The Lord is healing hearts to prepare the Body of Christ for deep bonding. The year 2019 is forming tight bonds and releasing unity throughout the Body of Christ.

Worship is also a needed grace that will cause you to ascend, receiving revelation, transformation and Kingdom demonstration. Much like when Jesus was born, God descended through the heavens and the angels cried out, “Glory to God in the highest, on Earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14).Worship opens the heart and the door to your destiny.

Kingdom Territory in Nations

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