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A Prophetic Word for People Confused About Their Purpose

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

A Prophetic Word for People Confused About Their Purpose

If you are confused about your purpose, let this word of the Lord prophesy encouragement to your heart. The Lord would say:

“Press into Me and I will unveil it to you. Press into My heart at a deeper level. Stop trying to figure it out in your own mind. It’s not in your mind. It’s in My mind.

“I will share My mind with your mind when you get the clutter out of your heart; when you get the clutter out of the way; when you stop chasing things that other people have; when you begin to understand My purpose and my calling for you doesn’t look like that which you see in your neighbor, in your sister, in your brother; when you begin to stop trying to be like other people; when you stop trying to tap into the grace that is on someone else’s life, and begin to tap into my grace for your life.”

The Lord would say, “It’s a common trap of the enemy to look at others and to compare yourself with others and to wish you were somebody else and that you had somebody else’s anointing.”

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