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Release The Angel Armies


Release The Angel Armies

Heaven is on your side!

By Tyler Medina

I hear the Lord saying this morning that he is releasing the angel armies! He is sending angelic alignment for the assignment. He is releasing his angels to partner up with the sons of men for this end time revival. There is a new breed rising, and they will be my storm troopers says the Lord. They will be armed and equipped for battle, with the word of the Lord in their heart and fire in their eyes. They will storm the gates of hell, and usher in the kingdom of heaven. They are my elite!

I’m releasing new strategies among my people, and I am pouring out fresh fire. I’m sending the assistance from heaven for the assignment and task at hand. You will run and not grow weary, you will walk and not faint. There is a release of strength coming over you this morning, and renewed vision. For many of you who have been praying for the assistance of heaven, as with Daniel, the spirit of the Lord would say. I heard you the first time you prayed but my angels were warring in the heavenly realm. However, my angels are piercing through and ready to fight with you!

Get ready for angelic encounter and angelic visitation. I hear a sound from heaven this morning, as the blood line is being drawn, and the marching orders are being released. God is doing a new thing in the earth! You are not alone, and he is sending in the reinforcements. He is sending in the air strike! He says it’s time to rise up and plunder the gates of hell, and populate heaven. There’s a fresh wind of revival blowing over Gods people this morning. I just see the waves of refreshing coming and touching down on the shores of America. I see divine alignments and positioning taking place.

These next few months are going to be very strategic in your life as God is going to release strategies of heaven and instructions on how to advance. He’s releasing angels to assist in the battle. But it does not mean you remove your hand from the plow! Keep plowing, keep digging. Your warfare is on your knees, in the throne room of his presence where he is going to give to you the keys to releasing his heart here on earth. Now is the time to enter into the secret place of his presence with greater pursuit then ever before. He wants to fine tune you to the hearing and application of his word.

These next few months he is going to strategically posture you for battle but it is crucial that you posture your heart to hearing his voice and heeding his instruction. It’s in the secret place that you will be given clarity on when to hold, and when to advance. But he says know that when I call you to advance, all of heaven is advancing with you! This next year (2018) will be a year of overthrowing, over taking, and expansion for the kingdom of God.

Ask the Lord for greater discernment on who to align with, and where you need to focus your time. Honor the Godly alignments, and cut off those who are not sent of him. For they only want to align themselves in order to breach the camp, and as a result create division that leads to destruction. Everything God is doing now is so you can advance tomorrow! He is setting you up for the receiving of the promise, but I tell you today church. Greatness is your portion and souls are your inheritance! It’s all about souls coming to know the father. So strap up your boots, put on the whole armor of God, and get ready for the battle. The kingdom of God is advancing!

Tyler Medina is a revivalist and emerging prophetic voice in love with Jesus with a heart to see the world changed by the power and love of God. Currently residing in Medford, New Jersey, he is currently finishing his book titled, Run Away Bride: Returning to the alter of Christ, a book that is triggered to unveil our identity, and answer “who we are, and what it means” to be the bride of Christ. He is Currently launching Forged by Fire school of ministry with a heart to equip, train, and activate the body of Christ in this hour and return the apostolic mandate of the church. Raising and training true disciples that will change the nations and impact eternity for the glory of God! 


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