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Wildcard Warriors


Wildcard Warriors

These outsiders are God’s wild card warriors!

By Lori Suiter

God is using His people to penetrate strongholds in regions, territories and families. Sometimes it takes someone from “outside” of a situation to “see” what is causing the problem. These outsiders are God’s wild card warriors!These wild card warriors will NOT be walking in a critical spirit even though it may appear that way at first, but what they are walking in is discernment. Some of them might not be taken seriously at all because of their lack of following the traditions of man. They will however be FULL of Holy Spirit FIRE strategically sent with sniper like NIGHT vision to see/discern where the enemy agents have invaded the camp.

They are sent with specific orders to eradicate the enemy from people and places even when those in the family, region, or territory are unaware of/blinded to, it’s very presence. They have had specialty training to “sniff out” specific demonic spirits and how to disarm and banish each one of them from the person, region, or territor. These wild card warriors will not have ANY ground in them that the enemy can use to make itself invisible in their presence. In fact, the presence of the warriors will actually cause the enemies to expose themselves, show their hand, and to render them powerless. This will restore humility, honor and unity among the troops. I see these warriors setting people free and setting people on fire!!!

If the enemy knows a warrior is being sent into an area I sense another tactic will be to send fear and suspicion to cause judgement of these outsiders as an attempt to discredit and silence them. The enemy will either cause harsh judgement based on how they look or on how they act. Neither is a true reflection of the wisdom they carry or the expertise level of their gifting. We cannot afford to judge through the eyes of religiosity right now or we will fall into a very carefully planned enemy trap. Do not turn away God’s provision just because it doesn’t come in the form you were expecting. We don’t want to miss our liberation because of our restricting human reasoning.

1 Cor. 1:27..but God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

(in other words, it might just be the jokers of this world that are the wild card)

Wild card warriors will not look typical in any way. They will not blend in and they weren’t created to. The power they will carry will not be hindered by the opinions of mere men. They have been formed through trials that built endurance and strength. They have been birthed with a heart for intercession. There is fierce call inside them to fight for truth and justice, but they know the battle is to be fought in the spirit. They may also have a completely childlike silliness to them at times which tends to catch people off guard. They were created this way for His glory. There is nothing about this group that desires glory for themselves, it’s ALL about HIM!!!

I see many of these warriors unlocking jail cells and freeing the captives inside, and blowing on them as they leave the cells the holy fire of God falls on them and ignites them for His glory!! This will start a holy wildfire!!! We need to stay open to outsiders instead of guarded and fearful of their differences for they may just be carrying the key to free us and the match to ignite us, our families, our churches, regions and territories.

You will be FREED from the outside in and then IGNITED from the inside out!

Lori Suiter an emerging prophetic voice with a heart for the millennial generation and for seeing them walk in their true identity as sons and daughters. She has a strong desire to build bridges of understanding and honor between people groups. She is both a seeker and speaker of truth in love whose prophetic messages have been shared through prominent prophetic ministries online. She has a passion for worshiping through dance with the belief that anyone can move for the Lord. She and her husband, Mark, live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They have a son, daughter, and a granddaughter who brings them much joy.

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