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Your Soaring Season is Always Preceded by Your Waiting Season


Your Soaring Season is Always Preceded by Your Waiting Season

Have you lost your momentum?

By Linda Klingel

Some of you have been growing weary in the wait but the Lord wants you to know that you’re getting ready to FLY! He wants you to know that the waiting season is what provides power for the soaring season.

In the wait your STRENGTH is renewed.
In the wait your VISION is refocused.
In the wait your FAITH is enlarged.
In the wait your MISSION is made clear.

For the Lord has been preparing you for your GREATER in this next season. He will cause you to ascend to higher heights and to see anew from the perspective of heaven.

Many of you, some younger but especially the older, have wondered, “Can there be greater things still ahead for me? Have I lost my momentum? Do I have the energy and stamina necessary to mount up and go for it?”

Well, I declare over you today, YES, YOU DO!


For those of you who have grown weary in the wait, I prophesy over you a RENEWAL!

A renewal of STRENGTH!
A renewal of VISION!
A renewal of FAITH!

I prophesy that your MISSION will be made clear!

I prophesy that your borders are EXPANDING and your territory is being ENLARGED. You shall SEE with the keen, prophetic insight of the eagle, and you shall SOAR with the power and strength of his wings!

“And I will be with you,” says the Lord. “My Spirit will be the guiding wind beneath your wings and I will cause you to SOAR… and I will cause you to discover and to gather with others who are like you,” says the Lord. “For you are not alone. There are many that I am launching forth in this season and you shall be a strength and a source of encouragement to one another.

“So ARISE! Begin to WALK in step with Me,” says the Lord. Get ready to RUN again, and as the momentum builds, spread your wings, mount up and begin to SOAR!” If this word speaks to YOU, receive it and rejoice over it. I declare, you shall not faint but you shall FLOURISH… so get ready and ENJOY the flight!

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.~Isaiah 40:31

Linda Klingel is the founder of His Heart Ministries. Linda has had the honor of serving the body of Christ in various capacities, some of which include: Associate Pastor, Bible School Administrator and Teacher, Conference Host and Speaker, etc. Each opportunity has served to season and equip her for where she is today- ministering in church services and conferences, as well as hosting her own television program.

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