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A Supernatural Holy Ghost Dream Encounter


A Supernatural Holy Ghost Dream Encounter

I was a teenager when I first asked Jesus to come into my heart. At that time, I was close to a couple I babysat for, who attended church regularly (where I attended Bible study). One day, I asked them about when “tongues resembling fire” rested on each of the disciples on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:3, AMP). They told me it was no longer for today; that otherworldly event had happened “back then”—but once all the apostles died, it stopped happening. I took them at their word. I did not realize that years later, I would ask to receive the Father’s supernatural “promise” (Acts 1:4, NKJV), exactly as the Bible said. I certainly never imagined that I would end up having a dream encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Spinning Out of Control

A few years after my neighbors shared their perspective with me, my family went through a crisis. I stopped going to Bible study and doing all the things I had once done to know Jesus better. Then when I graduated high school in 1978, reeling from traumatic events associated with my parents’ recent divorce, I immediately went on a crash course that led straight to trouble and pain. I did things I never dreamed I would ever allow myself to do, subconsciously searching for what I had lost. But God never gave up on me.

By 1984, I had lived in New York; met and fallen in love with a young man from North Carolina; had an unforgettable encounter with the Lord at Brooklyn Tabernacle (where we attended for a short season); and then fell away from the Lord again before moving to Dallas with my boyfriend. We moved in with my sister until we were ready to get our own apartment.

The Divine Turnaround

Long story short, I met a bold, Spirit-filled young woman while getting my sister’s car detailed one day, and then got radically saved that Sunday at her church. I gave my heart to the Lord completely…even if it meant losing my boyfriend (which had caused me to stumble in New York). That same evening, by God’s grace, I told him we could no longer be intimate until we were married—and the Lord gave me the determination to stand. Within two weeks, he moved out.

I was head-over-heels in love with the Lord, but at the same time, I was deeply heartbroken. I realized that I had loved my boyfriend more than I loved Jesus. Each day, I went to work, returned to my sister’s apartment, and then spent the rest of the night in my room: crying, praying, and reading the Bible. I was also attending church (where I had rededicated my life to the Lord) and weekly Bible study.

My Dream Encounter…And What Happened Next

One evening, I came upon the passage again that talked about the Father’s supernatural “promise”–the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4–2:4). This time, I said to the Lord, “If this is real, I want it.” Not long after, in a dream, I saw myself taking a shower, singing to the Lord, and worshipping Him. I felt a force swirling in my belly, and it was rising in me. Then it burst forth from my mouth! Suddenly, I was uttering words to the Lord that I did not understand. It shocked me to consciousness.

I sat up in bed, wondering what had just happened. Afterward, my quiet times suddenly changed. I hungered for the Word. Could not get enough of it. And when I prayed, I started hearing those “dream words” in my spirit. And, somehow, I knew that I was supposed to speak them as I heard them. So, I did. Slowly and surely, my heavenly prayer language emerged.

Some say that you must be in church and someone must lay hands on you to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But my experience was different. Personal. Intimate. It lifted me out of the grief of losing my boyfriend. And it gave me a hunger and thirst for the Lord and His Word that I had never experienced before.

Complete Surrender…True Conversion

Now I understand that I had never lost my salvation from when I was a teen. I just did not give my whole heart to Jesus. I wanted to know Him, but I also WANTED WHAT I WANTED. But when I gave myself to the Lord completely, He converted my soul. I had new desires. New strength. Not long after, I would begin to discover a new purpose.

You see, without my knowing it, God took me through a process that prepared me to desire a deeper relationship with Him. All my ups and downs, missteps and unwise decisions did not end up working against me. They prepared me to take the Lord at His Word and ask Him to receive the Father’s supernatural “promise.” Then while I was sleeping, God released His gift. He unleashed the incredible flow of His mighty power from within me through an unforgettable dream.

God’s “Promise” Can Be Yours!

I am fully persuaded the dynamic power that descended upon the disciples in the form of “tongues resembling fire” on the Day of Pentecost is REAL. If you have not yet experienced this special gift of God, you can! Just give ALL of yourself to the Lord, despite anything you think you might lose. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST—and He Wants to FILL You with HIS POWER. He wants you to experience a deeper, more intimate, and purposeful walk with Him.

Whether or not you experience a dream encounter with the Holy Spirit, you can receive this “baptism” any way the Lord chooses. Just know that God desires you to know Him, personally and intimately, as His beloved son or daughter. He wants you to receive His absolute best for your life. And He wants you to know that He is the SAME now as He was in ancient times. He is as REAL now as He ever has been.

Yes, I received the Father’s supernatural “promise” and had a dream encounter with the Holy Spirit—but you can have your own, unique experience with the Lord. I pray in Jesus’ Name that whatever may have kept you from receiving this priceless “promise” from the Father in the past will now work in your favor to ask for and receive this life-changing experience. May all grace abound to you as you seek and find everything the Lord has for you. Amen.

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