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Awaken The Guardians!


Awaken The Guardians!

It’s time to man your post!

By Tyler Medina

Meaning: a defender, protector, or keeper.

God has been speaking to me a lot lately about the watchman and guardians arising in this hour. Standing up and manning their post. Watchman is described as “a member of a body of people employed to keep watch in a town at night.” So while their duties are similar. A watchman sees the danger and runs to warn others, but a guardian protects, defends, and keeps his city from danger. He keeps the enemy from entering in and ravaging the goods that await inside.

The Lord has been speaking to me vividly these last few days as I have had dreams of mighty men and women of God being taken out. A good friend of mine also had a similar dream that she shared with me this morning where the keepers of the house were being assassinated, and the spirit of the Lord spoke to me saying, “the enemy is after the guardians!”

Make no mistake, I fully believe the body of Christ is in its greatest hour. I prophesied at the end of February the time of marching forward and taking ground was now. I believe it’s the time for the kingdom to advance in all the earth. I believe it’s the time to reclaim everything the devil has stolen and to usher in the greatest awakening this world has ever seen.

But do not be naive of the enemy’s devices either. We are still at war. The greatest days of victory and triumph will not come without the greatest days of war and contend. War is won through soldiers moving strategically in warfare.

Since the death of Evangelist Billy Graham there has been a major shift in the spirit realm, just like it has been prophesied. I felt it with every ounce in my being as that mantle fell over the earth for those who were hungry to reach up and grab ahold of. But let me say this, that mantle comes at a cost.

Luke 14:28 tells us “For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?” The anointing comes at a cost. When God released that mantle it was a charge for the children of God to arise, ready for battle and ready to advance. It’s not just picking up a mantle, it’s picking up a Mandate.

Since this shift, while some were looking to the left there was a wave of warfare coming from the right. I saw in the spirit, the enemy was uncovering a pit of snakes and he then unleashed them as the spirit of python began to slither into the churches, attempting to strangle and ensnare the people of God. Many got hit with intense headaches, intense warfare as the python spirit began to clench its grip tighter. If you have been suffering this attack, I break it off of you now in Jesus name!

I hear in my spirit that it is time for Gideon’s army to arise. It is time for the ready ones who have been hidden in the cave of Adullam to rise up and march forth. The enemy is out to assassinate your calling, he is out to assassinate your purpose, and he is out to assassinate your life. I’ve watched in the spirit as the enemy has been after the guardians, the gate keepers, and the protectors. He is releasing attacks against them in order to take them out. Knowing that If he can get past them there is an entire city left vulnerable and susceptible to attack. Some will be taken out by this attack, and others will rise to the occasion.

I see God activating and awakening the guardians. The ones who have covered their city’s through prayer and travail. The ones who see the attack of the enemy from afar and will stand in the days of battle. Intercessors I see fresh fire getting ready to hit your belly unlike ever before. I see God waking you up in the middle of the night with the burden to travail. I see new dreams and visions being released to you. Pick up your sword and shield and do not leave your post.

The enemy is after your purity, he is after your health, he is after your family, he is after your anointing, he is after your revelation, he is after your church, and he is after your city…. do not let up!

I call forth the guardians and the warriors to arise in this hour. I call forth the ready ones who will pick up their sword and shield. I call forth the ones who will preach the unaltered, unadulterated word of God. I call forth the ones who will rise in the midnight hour to contend for their city’s and their regions through intercession and travail. I call forth the ones who will stand firm and not abandon their post. I call forth the guardians, the watchman, the intercessors, and the generals who will guard and protect the children of God. Leading them into victory and triumph, as God ushers in this end time revival that will be poured out upon all flesh. I pray for new strategies to be released and I break this lethargic spirit that has been holding you complacent and inactive. I declare fresh fire hitting your belly now as you read this. Now is the time, arise in Jesus mighty name.

Tyler Medina is a revivalist and emerging prophetic voice in love with Jesus with a heart to see the world changed by the power and love of God. Currently residing in Medford, New Jersey, he is currently finishing his book titled, Run Away Bride: Returning to the alter of Christ, a book that is triggered to unveil our identity, and answer “who we are, and what it means” to be the bride of Christ. He is Currently launching Forged by Fire school of ministry with a heart to equip, train, and activate the body of Christ in this hour and return the apostolic mandate of the church. Raising and training true disciples that will change the nations and impact eternity for the glory of God! 


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