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Be Moved To Be A Movement


Be Moved To Be A Movement

Your worship brings movement!

By Lori Suiter

I have talked with many people who feel hindered right now, almost as if there is walls on every side of them. I have felt this way too for the last two weeks and it was almost unbearable. Even though I knew it was an enemy attack against moving forward, none of my usual counter measures were working. I was reading the Word, declaring the Word, praying in the Spirit, worshiping, and while I would feel better it did not remove the sense of something standing in front of me blocking any attempt to side step or go around this restriction.

This is when the Lord showed me something powerful and I believe it is tactical for the season we are now in and in order to move into 2018.

I was listening to worship music but it was instrumental, which I prefer sometimes because there are no words to define what aspect of God we should be praising.  As I was listening I felt something well up inside me that literally moved me. As dancer, dancing is much more than just a way to worship, it is my love language to Him. I felt myself moving in prophetic movements and before I knew it, the hindrance was removed from around me! I was remembering my identity in Him through prophetic dance! This is powerful people!

After I stopped dancing I felt the insight that He wanted me to receive flood my spirit. It is ALL about identity and who we are IN HIM!

“In Him we live, and move, and have our being” – Acts 17:28

Revelation starting coming to me on how to move forward and what this season is about for many. It’s about worshiping with who we are in Him and not merely by what we do. He’s bringing life back into who we were created to be from the beginning!

This last part of 2017 He is shaking anything we put our identity in that is outside of Him. It does not matter what role you are in, it does not define you. He defines us as His children! Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, CEO, in the military, mother, father, apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist, etc. That may be what you do, but it’s not who you are. Sometimes we can get distracted by roles and titles (even Godly ones), but who you are in found in Him first and foremost and in being wholeheartedly in love with Him. What we do must flow out of who we are or else we will get it backwards and think it’s what we do that gives us value and worth. We do not get our worth from our educational level or from the letters that precede or proceed after our names.

In this season the movers/dancers/artists need to move, paint, and create.. It is so much more than moving your body, it is like you become a prophetic prayer, a prophetic act playing out the heart of God for all to see. It is so much more than paint on a canvas artists! You are painting the spiritual landscape in which we live in all it’s vibrancy! He is  Whatever creative gifts you’ve been given, now its the time to create from His heart! Writers will bring understanding to people about the kingdom and take them on wild and wonderful adventures leading straight to the love of the Father!

Those of you who feel stuck….MOVE!!!! CREATE!!! Move in whatever expression of worship He has put into your spiritual DNA. That is key to removing the heaviness and hindrances you feel all around you. As you move in Him, you will remember who you are in Him! You will remember your first LOVE and you will DANCE with Him and CREATE with Him! Walls are going to crumble when you dare to allow that heart cry deep inside to flow out in passionate worship of our King!

2018 will not be a year of passivity and apathy! It will be a year of MOVEMENT! Allow Him to remove all false titles and identities that the world has placed on you so that you will become part of the movement He is building on the earth! He is creating the biggest FLASH MOB we have ever seen! It will encompass the earth! Allow your heart to be synced up with the rhythm of His heart!

It will be a MOVEMENT that shifts atmospheres in 2018. In some situations you just need to literally MOVE, in Him, in order to bring the freedom you know is on God’s heart!

Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the LORD with ALL his might,- 2 Samuel 6:14

 and later in verse 21 and 22 when asked why he was dancing like he was.

 David said to Michal, “It was before the Lord, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me rulerover the Lord’s people Israel—I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes. 

Lori Suiter an emerging prophetic voice with a heart for the millennial generation and for seeing them walk in their true identity as sons and daughters. She has a strong desire to build bridges of understanding and honor between people groups. She is both a seeker and speaker of truth in love whose prophetic messages have been shared through prominent prophetic ministries online. She has a passion for worshiping through dance with the belief that anyone can move for the Lord. She and her husband, Mark, live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They have a son, daughter, and a granddaughter who brings them much joy.


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