Jennifer LeClaire Exclusives

19 Sep: Prophecy: ‘Betrayal in Brussels’

Brussels is known for many things, but currently the city is a strategic place for on-the-ground intercession. That’s because Brussels is home to the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union. The European Commission, among other things, proposes new legislation, implements decisions, and upholds EU treaties.

As such, Brussels is at the center of Brexit negotiations. Brexit—short of the British exit from the EU. Britain is set to leave the EU on Oct. 31, 2019 after two delays. Without getting into the finer details of the issues (which you can find here) some say a no-deal Brexit could thrust the United Kingdom into a recession. (I break those word curses, in the name of Jesus!)

I heard the Lord say, “Betrayal in Brussels.” I knew in my spirt this has to do with Brexit. This word follows the prophetic intelligence I received from the Holy Spirit in London. The Lord gave intercessory prayer instructions to ask Him to impart boldness to Queen Elizabeth in this season. (You can read that word here.)

Brexit is coming to a head. The Lord’s will is clear: He does not want Great Britain aligned with some of the other nations in the EU. The United Kingdom is to stand united, without further erosion of influence.

In essence, we’re seeing goat nations and sheep nations mingling together in a treaty that God never sponsored. When Brexit occurs, other sheep nations will also position themselves to find a way of escape. Sheep nations—those who are friends of Israel, among other markers—will continue to rise in influence. Great Britain must break ties with the goats.

Here’s how to pray:

Pray against the spirit of betrayal looking to waylay the United Kingdom.

Pray for the prophetic voices to come into agreement on God’s will and begin to blow the trumpet.

Pray for God’s perfect will to be done concerning Brexit.

Pray for ungodly alliance in Europe to be shattered.

Pray for sheep nations in Europe to forge strong cooperative ties.


18 Sep: Prophecy: I Am Raising Up a New Breed of Deliverance Ministers

I’ve been casting out devils for nearly 20 years, but recently the Holy Spirit spoke to me about a season of deliverance for Awakening House of Prayer. I taught for weeks on freedom for the soul, held an inner healing event, a mass deliverance event and committed to raising up deliverance ministers through the School of Deliverance.
Put another way, I’ve been pressing into what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. While on a Facebook Live about reasons more pastors don’t embrace deliverance ministry—right at the end of the broadcast—I had an unction to prophesy. I heard the Lord say:
“I am raising up even now, in your midst, a new generation and a new breed of deliverance ministers. And they will be bold like lions. They will not shrink back nor will they be intimidated by the tactics of the enemy. For I am putting new mantles on my deliverance ministers who are willing to take the tough cases; who are willing to go where others will not venture.
“And I am going to give them new revelations and new flows of My anointing. New rivers will flow out of them as I pour My anointing into them. And they will see even clearly inside bodies what is going on, where the stronghold is. They will see the names of the demons even written in the spirit, like the handwriting that was written on the wall in the days of Daniel.
“And they will cooperate one with another; they will become companies of deliverance ministers who will run together. They will share intelligence, and they will cooperate with one another for My glory. For there will not be a strong competition in the realm of deliverance as we see even now in the realm of the apostolic and in the realm of the prophetic, because these ministers have set themselves apart and they understand the need for clean hands and a pure heart.
“So, they will celebrate with one another and celebrate each other and they will relish over the victories over the kingdom of darkness together. And they will network together, not in the sense of building their own kingdom, but in order to share the stories of glory from My Spirit in the realm of deliverance.
“I am doing a new thing in deliverance ministry. Have you not yet heard about it? Well, I am announcing it to you even now in a bold way. Begin to watch and begin to pray. But also, know and recognize, that many will come and try to take this new mantle—this new time and season of deliverance ministers rising up—as a fad and a trend. And they will try to hook their wagon to the greater wagon and try to use the momentum of the tide and the flow that I am bringing to the body of Christ.
“But, they will not carry the authority because their heart is compromised. They will not carry the authority that the pure ones do because they are not in it for the right reasons, and they will end up like the sons of Sceva because I don’t know these ones—not the way that I need to know them—because they kept part of their heart back from Me. And watch as the false deliverers arise, needing deliverance themselves. And you will see and know that I will sweep through the body of Christ and I will do a new thing in deliverance ministry in this hour.”