Jennifer LeClaire Exclusives

17 Sep: Prophecy: Entering a Season of Consecration

The Great Falling Away is underway. On top of high-profile Christian leaders falling into gross sin, we’re seeing notable authors, songwriters and others denying Christ as Savior. All the while, pastors continue committing suicide.

The Holy Spirit told me several weeks ago to be a forerunner in the season of consecration He is leading us into. I have set myself apart at another level. On my Mornings with the Holy Spirit prayer broadcast, I prophetically announced the season of consecration. Then I prophesied:

“There is much deception rising in this hour—and even some of My elect are being deceived by doctrines of demons and spirits of suicide. And the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is taking out some of My soldiers, whom I love.

“In this season, I’m calling you to draw yourself away, to set yourself apart. For I have set you apart for My purposes, but you must set yourself apart for My purposes in order to step into everything I’ve planned for you, since before the foundation of the earth.

“For when you were in your mother’s womb, you were consecrated unto Me. And when you entered into this world, you entered a new reality, where your physical senses began to supersede your spiritual senses. But I want to make you so sensitive to My Spirit that when you open your eyes in the morning you begin to see angels, you begin to see demon powers, and you begin to see pictures of My glory.

“I’m calling you to set yourself apart. I’m calling you to consecrate yourself unto Me, now. Do not wait and do not hesitate for the enemy is raging. He is attacking left and right, back and forth, from behind and in the front. He is taking out My children, one by one by one and it grieves My heart. And I want to protect you. I want to hide you under the shadow of My wings. But you must fear My name. You must walk circumspectly to walk in the fullness of My protection. You must not look to escape My will, looking here, there and everywhere, for the pleasures of the world; the pleasures of the season.

“You must take your pleasure in Me. You must set yourself apart for Me because I have set you apart for Myself and together we will go into places and see things that you did not know existed. And the holiness, the cooperation with My grace unto sanctification, more and more sanctification, will take you into realms that you did not know existed. And the price you will pay will be worth it because you’re not only working out your salvation with fear and trembling, you’re also assuring that you’ll cross the finish line.

“For those who endure to the end shall be saved. So adopt, even now, and pledge to your own heart that you will decide to live a consecrated lifestyle; not just a season, not just a few days of consecration, but a consecrated lifestyle. I am looking for some even to take a Nazarite vow; to go to the extreme for Me; to set themselves apart to the extreme for Me; to make some sudden changes that may shock those around you, but they won’t shock Me because I see you doing this. I see you succeeding in this. I see you.

“If you want to see Me more, pursue holiness. For My Word says (does it not?) to pursue peace with men and holiness without which no one shall see the lord? Pursue holiness and I will make you holy even as I am holy. Set yourself apart. Consecrate yourself to Me, for Me, and I will give you the grace to do it. And yes, there will be resistance against this endeavor. Yes, there will be challenges, and yes the enemy will come and ramp up the temptations against your heart. But, My grace is sufficient for you.

“And pretty soon, the passing pleasures of this age will not be appealing to you any longer. As you consecrate yourself to Me, those things that used to tempt you, that used to woo you, even the food that you eat, your desires will change. The closer you get to Me, the less you’ll desire of the things of the world. And I will use you to do great and mighty things, exploits. Consecrate yourself today and even by tomorrow you will see the difference; the sensitivity to My Spirit, the joy in your heart, the peace in your soul. Consecrate yourself.


14 Sep: Prophecy: Queen Elizabeth Needs Prayer for Bold Move

On September 13, 2019 at Awakening House of Prayer South London, I saw a vision of a crown rotating. Then I saw a scepter. I heard the Lord say, “Pray for Queen Elizabeth to have boldness. She will need to make a bold move. One more bold move.”

With Oct. 31 looming and the difficulties gaining a majority in Parliament over Brexit, could Queen Elizabeth use her Royal Prerogative to determine the fate of the United Kingdom in the context of a European exit?

We did see her offer Royal Assent to a piece of legislation seeking to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson from taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union without an exit deal on Oct. 31.

Could the 93-year-old monarch be something like a Queen Esther of our time to save a nation? Will she be forced to fire Prime Minister Boris Johnson if he receives a vote of no confidence a refuses to resign?

The monarchy has already taken loads of criticism for suspending Parliament at Johnson’s request, but she would likewise have taken loads of criticism if she had denied his request.

Could Queen Elizabeth, who has historically remained out of the political fray as constitutional monarch, wield her influence at this critical moment in the nation’s history?

While some are speculating about the end of the monarch, could this constitutional crisis reveal the wisdom and authority of the queen to step in when the government is out of answers?

Given the sensitive nature of this topic, I hesitate to say more. Let’s pray for boldness for our Queen at such a time as this. Let’s pray she find courage to execute the will of the Lord for the United Kingdom. Pray for boldness.

11 Sep: Why Deliverance Ministry is Vital Today

If there has ever been a time to acknowledge this Christ-centered ministry, it’s now.

With major Christian voices falling away and pastors committing suicide, there’s never been a more urgent time to embrace the deliverance ministry of Christ.

Yet, many still ignore it. 

Deliverance ministry is not pretty, but it’s vital in this hour. Jennifer LeClaire explains why in this important video.