World Events


08 May: One-on-One with Leslie Keegel on Prayer for Sri Lanka

As we followed along with the situation in Sri Lanka and while continuing to pray for our fellow believers suffering such great loss, I reached out to a friend from the area to hear what’s going on from his perspective. Leslie Keegel and I have spoken at several natonal and internation Foursquare Church gatherings. He is a church planter and senior pastor of a multiethnic church near Colombo, Sri Lanka. I hope what he says encourages us all to press into prayer for our friends around the world.

22 Mar: Heidi Baker Calls For Urgent Help As Mozambique Deals With Devastating Aftermath of Cyclone Idai

You may have seen the shocking news coverage of a nation still submerged after Cyclone Idai. According to the BBC at least 300 people are now confirmed dead due to the “catastrophic flooding” and others are still “clinging to roofs or stuck in trees.”The network has described parts of Mozambique as having become ‘an inland sea.’“We are 15 miles from the sea, but it feels as if we are right over it,” BBC Africa editor, Fergal Keane said during a helicopter flight over some of the worst-affected areas.

14 Jan: January 20: A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On The 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

On the evening of the
20th of January, a very strange phenomenon will happen.  A total lunar
eclipse that has been dubbed a “super blood wolf moon” will appear in the sky
above America.  The entire eclipse from beginning to end will be
visible from every single location in the continental United States,
but much of the rest of the world will miss out on this experience
completely.  For example, the eclipse will not be visible at all anywhere
in China.  Some would argue that it is just a coincidence, but it is
almost as if somebody arranged the timing of this “super blood wolf moon” so
that it would be seen specifically by people living in the United States. 
And it just so happens that this “super blood wolf moon” will occur precisely
on the second anniversary of the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Of course some of you
may have never even heard of a “super blood wolf moon”.  Basically, what
that term means is that a “super moon”, a “blood moon” and a “wolf moon” will
all be happening simultaneously.

A “blood moon” happens
during a lunar eclipse when some of the sun’s light is still able to reach the
moon.  The following comes from USA Today


11 Nov: After Her ‘Goddess’ Loses, Miley Cyrus Weeps Over Trump Presidency

Miley Cyrus is weeping over the loss of her “goddess” candidate. In a Twitter video, the “Wrecking Ball” pop pansexual prodigal exhorted her fans around the world to walk in love.

“Like Donald Trump so ironically played after his speech, it said, ‘You can’t always get what you want.’ And happy hippies, we adjust and we accept everyone for who they are,” Cyrus said. “And so Donald Trump, I accept you and this hurts to say, but I even accept you as the president of the United States, and that’s fine … because I think now I want to be hopeful.”

On the Ellen DeGeneres recently, the former Disney star flat out called Hillary Clinton a goddess. A goddess is a female deity in polytheistic religions with supernatural powers or attributes—and they are worshipped.