Prophetic Insight

11 Jan: “11 Tell-Tale Signs of the Coming Move of God”

When seeking the Lord concerning the year 2020 and beyond, I was excited to hear the Lord say to me that the coming year is “20/20, the Year of Perfect Vision!” The Lord is proclaiming this statement over the Body of Christ, right now. He began to talk to me concerning the ability of the Holy Spirit to give us spiritual discernment to see clearly in these last days. I was reminded of the prayer that the Apostle Paul prayed for the church at Ephesus:


15 Sep: Do You Know the Blessings of Loving God?

God is a great giver of blessings. Even before His six days of creating all that we see and beyond, God knew what He would do…and what we would choose. Yet, He still created the earth, the universe, everything in and in between them. Then, in one of His greatest acts of love—His greatest blessing—He not only made us in His image, but He put all the earth, every creature, under our care. He gave us an inheritance, a family, an identity.