Prophetic Insight

15 Sep: “Do You Know the Blessings of Loving God?”

God is a great giver of blessings. Even before His six days of creating all that we see and beyond, God knew what He would do…and what we would choose. Yet, He still created the earth, the universe, everything in and in between them. Then, in one of His greatest acts of love—His greatest blessing—He not only made us in His image, but He put all the earth, every creature, under our care. He gave us an inheritance, a family, an identity.


27 Aug: “What Time Is It? How to Prophetically Know the Times and Seasons”

If Jesus has called you as a prophet, then He’s called you to LEAD, to INTERCEDE, and to KNOW THE TIMES AND SEASONS. Every prophet holds spiritual keys from Heaven within a specific metron. A metron is a Greek word that means measure and limited portion. The apostle Paul, being aware of his metron, was diligent to stay within his God-assigned “sphere” and showed tremendous ministry impact as a result (2 Cor. 10:13).

24 Aug: “How to Enter a New Time Gate and Era”

At Passover the Lord began to speak some things to me. Passover is one of the three God feasts (the other two are Pentecost and Tabernacles), where God tells the men they are to appear before Him (Exodus 34:23, Deuteronomy 16:16). God doesn’t call you before Him unless He has something to say, so many consider these three feasts import times to listen for revelation from God.