29 Apr: Reaching the hopeless and the lost

KEREEN Gregory was an ordained pastor in an established church, but she felt as if she was not reaching the people who needed to hear the word of God from the pulpit. She decided to leave that congregation and take her ministry to the streets.“The four walls weren’t working for me. I felt suffocated, I felt like I was stifled. So what I did, I started doing ministry on the street,” she expressed to All Woman last week. She was sitting in the office of the Naggo Head Community Resource Centre in Portmore, which serves as the home base for her new movement — the Street Disciples Prophetic and Deliverance Ministries.“I wanted to make a change in the community,” she said, noting that her following is growing rapidly since she started in Naggo Head nearly two months ago.


27 Feb: Uncovering a Filthy Church Lie

Often in church you hear some pretty bizarre things. For the sake of learning I am going to share one with you. Unfortunately this statement came from supposedly mature believers or even “on fire young people.” Here, a filthy lie is about to be uprooted, so put your seat belt on.“I am not called to evangelism.”I have heard supposedly Spirit-filled Christians say this very phrase. They are filled with a spirit and it is not holy. It is actually a spirit of fear. Here the spirit of fear and the fear of man work together to silence the church. However, the real church cannot be silenced. Let me say it like this—if the gates of hell are prevailing, it is not the church. The gates of hell not prevailing against the church means the Kingdom of God advances at all times no matter what, hence, “Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end” (Isa. 9:7). The gates of hell not prevailing means that we plunder the enemy’s camp and take back the people he has trapped in darkness. The Kingdom of God is not defensive. It is always offensive—it only moves forward. When Paul the apostle wrote about the armor of the Lord in Ephesians 6 there was no armor for the back of the soldier because forward is the only option in the Kingdom.


16 Feb: 6 Easy Ways Anybody Can Help the Homeless

Brrr! Temperatures recently plummeted across the northern United States to record lows due to a polar vortex spilling sub-zero arctic air further south than normal. This can be a life-threatening situation, especially if you’re living on the streets.

As of December 2017, a HUD report stated 193,000 Americans are doing just that – living unsheltered on the streets. A total of 554,000 Americans are considered homeless. The situation is even more shocking in the United Kingdom where an organization called Shelter estimates 1 in every 200 persons are homeless.

In America and the UK, a lack of affordable housing is cited as a primary cause of homelessness. You may not be able to provide housing for a homeless person, but you can provide food without breaking your budget.