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How to Hear God as Clearly as Moses

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How to Hear God as Clearly as Moses

How can we hear the voice of God in our daily lives? We have something greater in us than the people in the Old Testament.

The Cry

In an episode of The Cry with host Betty King, Reverend Canon Demi Adedeji of The Bridge shares some tips on how one can hear the voice of God. He also revealed that there’s something inside us that the people in the Old Testaments don’t have.

When asked by Betty how can people of this generation hear God, he said that we have to be in tune with God all the time.

“It’s about being in tune to God all of the time to hear what God is saying,” the Reverend said. “And we turn to the Holy Spirit, who is able to incline our hearts to God all of the time, as God speaks to us all of the time.”

Voice of God

He then shared how the Scriptures in Exodus 6-14 highlights how God talked to Moses. And those chapters show how close Moses is to God to hear him consistently.

“It resonates in times of how close Moses be to God to hear God on a consistent basis,” he said.

As people of the new covenant, we don’t have to go and seek where God is, the Holy Spirit is right inside of us. That gives us the benefit of talking to Him all the time.

“It’s not our seeking to go and look for God that is somewhere. Here is Jesus, His Kingdom impersonate right inside of us by the Holy Spirit. We can tap into Him all of the time,” he added.

“That gives us the consistent continuous engagement with God if you really want to have fellowship with Him in everything that we do.”

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