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Overcoming Blockages To Praying In Tongues

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Overcoming Blockages To Praying In Tongues

The only one who has the power to block the flow of your prayer language is you.


Praying in tongues is a powerful act, because it’s a higher form of communicating with God and because it’s a means by which we harmonize our prayers with the prayers of the Holy Spirit. This precious prayer language, a gift from the Spirit, is yours for the asking. But some have become stuck and frustrated when trying to receive this gift. Wanting to pray in tongues, many believers find themselves disappointed again and again when they are unable to do so.

I wrote Praying in the Holy Spirit as a powerful resource that will empower believers to pray in tongues by the time they finished reading the book.

Perhaps you have been frustrated with your inability to receive or make full use of the gift of speaking in tongues. Rest assured, no matter how many times you’ve tried, no matter how many times you’ve been disappointed, it’s going to happen for you. Let your faith soar. Get your hopes up. You werden receive your prayer language. All you have to do is apply the biblical truth I’m about to give you.

An Uncomfortable Truth

To the believer who is struggling to receive the gift of tongues, I have an uncomfortable truth that I want to present in love. You might think me bold for saying so, but I know what’s blocking you from operating in the gift. I know why you can’t pray in tongues. And, truthfully, you might not like what I’m about to tell you. No, it’s not a lack of faith. No, God is not withholding the gift from you. And so long as you’re living a lifestyle of repentance, then, no, it’s not some demonic being blocking the flow of the gift.

If you, a Spirit-filled believer, are unable to pray in tongues, then it comes down to this—ego.

By “ego,” I do not mean pride. Pride can, of course, be a manifestation of ego. But ego has a wider array of problems. Ego is self. Ego is self-consciousness. Ego is fear, doubt, skepticism, cynicism, and insecurity. Ego is over-thinking and second-guessing. Ego, dear reader, is why you can’t pray in tongues. Ego blocks the gift of tongues.

Ego is strengthened by doubts, fears, and nagging questions. Doubts, fears, and questions are propped up by misconceptions, myths, and mental blockages.

In this article, we will focus on the third element: overcome those mental blocks that prevent you from flowing in the gift of tongues.

Mental Blocks & Harmful Mindsets

Once you have dealt with with the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and myths that surround the gift of speaking in tongues, having removed the intellectual and emotional barriers to receiving your prayer language, you come to better understand the gift itself. You are then equipped to remove those Denkweisen that prevent you from receiving it.

At this point, you are faced with a decision. You must choose to act. You must choose to overcome self, finally stripping the ego of its power to block the gift of tongues. This is where most believers get stuck—they can’t seem to get themselves to actually speak out the syllables and sounds. Instead of acting on faith, they wait around for something to happen.

You must choose to act. You must choose to overcome self.

Fear asks, “What if it’s demonic? What if God gets angry at me for trying? What if the gift isn’t meant for me?” Pride says, “I’ll look silly.” The overthinking mind insists, “That’s just me making noises. It’s not the gift of tongues.”

Ego clutters the mind. Obsessing over it, analyzing it, questioning it, doubting it—that all needs to stop. You need to act. It’s time to begin praying in tongues. Literally, right now.

Four Keys

Here are four simple keys that I want you to use right now:

  1. Request

  2. Realize

  3. Relax

  4. Freisetzung

#1 Request

Yes, it really is that simple. You must ask God for the gift of tongues. And when you do ask, you don’t need to worry about receiving another spirit. Remember what Jesus promised in Luke 11—if you ask for the Holy Spirit, He won’t send anything or anyone else. Ask God for the ability to use the gift of tongues.

#2 Realize

Once you’ve requested the gift of tongues, realize that you’ve received it. Don’t doubt it. Don’t debate it. Don’t question it. The gift is in you now, even if it hasn’t manifested yet. It’s that simple. Even if you didn’t feel anything when you asked, believe God’s Word. Be confident that the gift has already been deposited in you.

#3 Relax

I mean that you need to stop overthinking everything. I emphasize that if you’re a sincere believer who is asking the Lord for this gift, then there is only one thing that is blocking the gift from manifesting through you. It all comes down ego. Don’t let self get in the way. Stop cluttering your mind with questions, doubts, insecurities, and over-thinking. Just release the sounds.

#4 Release

Remember, the Holy Spirit isn’t going to come up to you, physically grab your tongue, and begin moving it around. It’s not going to be something outside of your control. It’s up to you. That you’re in control of the gift of tongues is the breakthrough revelation. Once you’ve accepted that, you move beyond idleness. Just surrender the sounds.

Ask the Lord to give you the gift. Realize that you can trust Him to give you the gift. Relax and stop overthinking it. And then release the sounds. You may ask, “Is this just me?” It will partially be you. The gift of tongues is a partnership between you and the Holy Spirit. You supply the sound and the faith; He’ll supply the power and His prayers. The Holy Spirit will see your faith, and He will add His meaning to the sounds you surrender to Him. It’s all faith and surrender.

The gift of tongues is a partnership between you and the Holy Spirit. You supply the sound and the faith; He’ll supply the power and His prayers.

“That you’re in control of the gift of tongues is the breakthrough revelation. The gift of tongues is a partnership between you and the Holy Spirit. You supply the sound and the faith; He’ll supply the power and His prayers.”

Praying in tongues is like starting your car. You have to turn the key, but the engine will move the car. You provide the sounds; the Spirit will make those sounds a prayer language. Just turn the key. Give Him sounds, and you’ll know by faith that He will take it from there.

Some can actually feel the moment that the Holy Spirit begins to add His unction to their surrendered sounds. Regardless, feelings or no feelings, you can trust that He is faithful. You can trust that He will turn your surrendered syllables into masterful prayers.

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