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Divine Interuptions


Divine Interuptions

It’s time for a change!

By Daneen Bottler

The suddenlies of the Lord are beginning to happen all round us. They remind me of how Spring literally springs forth, time “springs forward” an hour and what once had time to sleep or lie dormant, is being propelled into awakening,

As the Lord showed me this picture of suddenlies happening, time springing forward and in a blink of an eye, dormant things awakening, I heard the Spirit say,

“Divine Interruptions. I am causing My divine interruptions to take place. There are many of My people who have been walking around in a daze, living life in black in white, or coasting in neutral, but I am coming to Divinely interrupt the status quo, to shake up the mundane and cause high definition color to come rushing into their lives.”

“Many of my people have wandered off the path of their calling because the storms of life set them adrift. The passion and zeal they once had for Me and the dreams I had placed in their hearts has waned into only smoldering coals, but I Am divinely interrupting, I Am cutting in on them and if they will see Me as I come, in My goodness and faithfulness, I will lead them back to the right path. As they see Me, their hearts will ignite once again and burn with My fire. I Am the Great Restorer, I Am the God of Second chances, I AM the I AM, and I can make good things come out of impossible situations. I AM the God that heals you”.

“I Am awakening, I Am stirring and I Am shaking things up. I Am bringing a monumental shift to what My people think is their everyday living. It’s time for a change. New life, new dreams,fresh zeal and fresh vision now springs forth! What was natural, is to be supernatural. What was bland is to be salted and full of My zest of life. I have come to bring life and life abundantly and you My Beloved, even in this moment, will start to taste and see Me in a whole new way, in a new dimension. I am about to Divinely Interrupt your everyday life and awaken you into a place of living life in Me in high definition!”, says the Lord

“The old is gone, now I am causing something new to spring forth!”

Daneen Bottler is a gifted prophetic voice for this generation. She oversees the prophetic ministries and serves on the Senior Leadership Team of Father’s House City Ministries, a church in Portland Oregon. Her greatest desire is to see the glory of God displayed through His sons and daughters, walking in their God given power and authority. Daneen has had the privilege of speaking and ministering at various churches throughout the Northwest and continues to lend her prophetic voice in bringing unity within the body of Christ and to see His Kingdom come.

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