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Does the Enemy Have a Claim On You?

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Does the Enemy Have a Claim On You?

“Hrvoje Sirovina studied bloodline curses in Africa, where Christians have been dealing with these curses for generations. Imagine—some ancestor broke covenant thousands of years ago and it resulted in your addictions, marriage and family problems, and even your health issues. Few Christians understand how to break these curses and get set free. Hrvoje took the African Christian teaching, developed prayers and wrote a bestselling book—in German. Now for the first time his book, Redeeming Your Bloodline, is available in English.” —Sid Roth

Do you feel like your life is stuck in a vicious cycle? Have you been fervently praying for healing that has not manifested? Are you bound to an addiction that you can’t overcome?

Could it be that you or members of your family are caught in a generational pattern of sin and suffering?

On the cross, Jesus set us free to live a life full of peace, joy and strength! However, in the courtrooms of the spiritual realm, the accuser brings legal claims against God’s people. These charges can prevent us from securing the breakthroughs Jesus has already purchased on our behalf.

The solution is to spiritually cleanse your bloodline through prayer, dissolving unholy covenants (i.e., adultery and other sexual sins) and claims that existed since Adam and that influence our lives. When we pray bloodline prayers, we actively apply the power of the cross.

Breakthroughs from Bloodline Prayer

We have received many testimonies over the past decade confirming that praying over your bloodline brings breakthrough and healing. Here are three examples:

A man dealing with an irregular heartbeat for years, and who had received much prayer in the past, was immediately healed after he read my book and prayed the bloodline prayers.

A young man had an accident that had severely damaged his brain. For days, the doctors fought for his life, but lost all hope. When his family came to the hospital to say goodbye, his wife asked for prayer and we dealt with his bloodline. That same day, the young man supernaturally started to recover, came out of the coma and was released from the hospital to rejoin his family. Since then, he and his wife had another child, he works a regular job, and loves Jesus very much!

A woman was being mocked at her job by three colleagues. Even after some prayer, nothing really changed. We then prayed for her bloodline and answered the accusations of the enemy. Within a week, one of the ladies apologized to her, the other two quit their jobs, and, shortly after, she was promoted to a leadership position.

Going All the Way Back!

Bloodline prayer is required for areas in our lives about which you could say we have “inherited” them from generations before us. It is about covenants, contracts and iniquities that have been handed down to us by our forefathers. These have the power to hinder us naturally and spiritually despite our salvation. They prevent us from overcoming and from spreading the Kingdom of God around us.

They go all the way back to Adam. Therefore, it is important that we resolve those covenants going all the way back to Adam!

You may think, “No, this is not possible. Jesus has delivered us from all of that.” And that is true. But there are areas in our lives in which the completed work of Messiah Jesus is not immediately made manifest through our salvation. Everything Jesus accomplished belongs to us 100 percent. Now we have the power to bring those things into manifestation in every area of our lives, and it has to be done by force (see Matt. 11:12).

Three Tenses of Salvation in the Bible

We should pay special attention to the tenses being used for the doctrine of salvation in the Bible.

We find Scriptures like Titus 3:5, where the Bible clearly says that we were saved (past tense) by God’s mercy. This verse clearly speaks about a fact that has happened and has been completed in the past.

Yet we read in 1 Corinthians 1:18 that we are being saved (present progressive tense) through the preaching of the cross. So here salvation is described as a process that continuously happens.

The Bible also speaks about another salvation that undeniably is going to take place in the future. It is described in 1 Peter 1:5, where it is called a “salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”

The day we receive Jesus into our hearts, our spirits are revived and born of God. Yet there are still two parts of us that need salvation—our soul and our body. Jesus said that our spirit is willing, but our body is weak. The Apostle Paul describes in Romans 7:21-24 how his inward man, his spirit, delights in the law of God, but there is another law in his members, which is the law of sin. He goes on to describe that he does things he doesn’t want to do and that he doesn’t do things he wants to do.

You see, even though Paul was clearly saved, he still needed salvation in other areas of his being—like we do, too.

God wants our whole being to be sanctified, purified and saved!

It’s About Authority, Not About Salvation

There is no need to pray about your bloodline to receive salvation. Salvation is a result of your faith and your
confession of your faith. But the cleansing of our bloodline allows us to be placed in a position of authority that God desires for us to have—an authority and position we need to take for the sake of the Kingdom of God to expand it here and now.

Authority is something that has been given to us up to a certain degree, but if we want to increase our authority we have to grow into it. God wants each one of us to live up to the full potential of the authority we are called to. Yet many times we may be called to something, and in spite of our passion and love for God we never reach it. One of the reasons could be that the enemy still has legal rights in your life that allow the accuser to hold you back from your destiny.

Even if we have a right to the promises of God, positioning ourselves in the wrong way and having iniquity in our lives can disqualify us from receiving them.They won’t have any effect on our lives.

God has given us commandments that are a blessing to us. But if we do not align ourselves to them, it can cause a lot of frustration because we do not see the effects of the authority God intended for us to have. This is the reason we want to submit and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God—so He can lift us up in the presence of our enemies. May the enemy find no rights that allow him to stop or hinder the expansion of the Kingdom of God that is supposed to happen through us.

The more we grow in authority, the more dangerous we become to the devil. That’s why things in our bloodline that have not been searched out before now suddenly become relevant. But as we pray over our bloodline and dissolve all claims of the enemy, we will be released into truly living the life we are called to live!

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