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Double Portion Acceleration


Double Portion Acceleration

Heaven is setting the pace!

By Daneen Bottler

Here we are on Feb 22 or 2/22. There is a significance to this day in the spirit realm. Yesterday, a general in the faith passed into glory and today, double portion mantles are being released to God’s people positioned to receive them, for the demonstration and advancement of the Kingdom of God. Even more than that, I feel that today the accelerated pace we are in, has picked up speed and also doubled.

The following word, is a prophetic word I released Feb 20th, 2017. Since the time of this word’s release, we have moved into the pace that this word has prophesied and are continuing to advance. Today, I hear the Holy Spirit saying that we have now accelerated by double again into a double portion acceleration. This double portion pace will effect every aspect of planting, sowing and reaping of harvest; this will happen internally and externally, each effecting the other. The harvest of souls will also be effected, for now the laborers are moving into position faster and the time for the Angel of Harvest to be released becomes sooner.

It is imperative that we stay tuned to the frequency of heaven and the pace that it is setting, so that we can be aligned with the timings of the Lord.

The Heavenly Pace

A few days a go, as I was in a time of worship, I had an incredible encounter with the Lord. As I was worshipping, I found myself on a large battlefield in the heavenly places. There was a fierce battle being fought between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of darkness. As I watched,I saw the hand of the Lord place towards the back of battle field 50 angels standing side by side, each holding a large bass drum. All of a sudden, they began to beat their drums, creating a unified beat. The rhythm started slowly at first, “Boom, boom boom. Boom, boom boom.” With each strike of the drum, the atmosphere began to resonate and vibrate with a new sound, a new roar, a new momentum. It got louder and louder and the beat started to accelerate. As the angels picked up the pace of the rhythm they were playing, the Kingdom warriors on the battlefield started to fight and advance at the same pace. With every hit of the drum, a warrior dispatched an enemy fighter. Soon 1 became 2, 2 became 3 and then 3 became 4 enemy fighters dispatched with a single beat of the drum. The sound that came from the drums caused so much pressure, so much resonance, that it became deafening to the enemy ranks. This sound was the sound of acceleration, the sound of advancement and the enemy could not withstand it. The enemy became confused and dazed and fled the battlefield, completely overtaken and defeated.

I then heard the voice of Lord saying,

“Heaven is setting the pace for acceleration. Hear the rhythm. Hear the sound of advancement, the sound of acceleration. I have set my angels in place and they are drumming the beat. I am causing the ears of my sons and daughters to be opened to hear the heavenly sound of advancement and acceleration. They will start to move to its rhythm and as they do, they will see things that no eye has seen and hear things that no ear has heard. They will release My glory into the earth and the enemy will not withstand them. “

I heard it again, “BOOM, BOOM BOOM”, the drums of the heavenly host proclaiming loudly a new pace of advancement and acceleration. I then saw the people of God on earth moving to the same sound, moving to the timing and the pace of the drums of heaven. As ears were opened to hear the new sound, the grace to move to its pace was released. As the sound of heavenly acceleration was released on earth, I saw believers defeating the enemy in places he had yet to be defeated in. God’s people began to rise up and start influencing every sphere of influence, every mountain of society and culture, shifting the atmosphere, establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth and seeing it multiply.

Over the next few months we the people of God, are entering into an accelerated pace, but the pace and beat we accelerate to must be the one that is being set by heaven. The heavenly pace is according to moving with the Father, moving with the King Jesus, and moving with the Spirit. Our ears must be tuned to hear the sound of the pace of heaven. Those that have ears to hear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying! The air is thick with anticipation and excitement. The Lord is doing a NEW THING, no eye has seen it, no ear has heard it and now He announces it to you! Don’t get caught up in the whirlwinds of distractions, don’t listen to the sound of the world or its heralds of doom, don’t follow the beat of your own drum. Instead, fix your eyes on Jesus, turn your ear toward heaven and hear the sound of advancement and begin to move to the pace of Heaven’s acceleration. It’s GO TIME!

Daneen Bottler is a gifted prophetic voice for this generation. She oversees the prophetic ministries and serves on the Senior Leadership Team of Father’s House City Ministries, a church in Portland Oregon. Her greatest desire is to see the glory of God displayed through His sons and daughters, walking in their God given power and authority. Daneen has had the privilege of speaking and ministering at various churches throughout the Northwest and continues to lend her prophetic voice in bringing unity within the body of Christ and to see His Kingdom come.

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