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Cuando las plumas de ángel comienzan a aparecer en todas partes


Cuando las plumas de ángel comienzan a aparecer en todas partes

It was a Friday night, almost midnight, and I got out of bed to go to the restroom one last time before I went to sleep. And as I passed the bathroom mirror, I noticed something in my hair. My thoughts were, Oh my, what’s this? As I looked more closely in the mirror, I noticed it was a white feather. Wait! This is an angel feather!

I remember rushing out of the bathroom and as I went over to my husband’s side of the bed, I pointed to the feather in my hair and said, “Do you see this? There’s a feather in my hair. This has to be an angel feather.” Right after that, my husband jokingly said, “Well there is another one on the floor in the bathroom and it’s been there since Wednesday.” Wednesday? And I haven’t noticed it?

Remember, this feather that appeared in my hair showed up around midnight on a Friday night. So, the first feather appeared, unbeknownst to me, two days prior. What really stood out to me was that the floor where the feather was had no rug. It happened to be in the bathroom stall where, ironically, I hadn’t decorated. I say ironically because I love to decorate but the only things in this area were the toilet, toilet paper, and the blinds on the window.

When I found the feather in my hair, a little thought came to mind whether it could have been a feather from my pillow because after all I was lying in bed before noticing it. But after this experience, two feathers released in a couple of days, I knew something was up and indeed it was.

From that time on, angel feathers started appearing on a regular and consistent basis.

Sometimes when I would go into my prayer room and then come out, a feather would be lying on the floor. Or I would go upstairs and look down on my hardwood floors and there would be a feather. There would be times when I would be cleaning the kitchen and feathers would be in the pile after sweeping, and I’d gracefully pick them up. Angel feathers kept appearing day after day! When they first started showing up, I was so happy and so excited and so thankful. I sent pictures and videos to my prayer partners in amazement of what God was doing because I knew there was a purpose to each and every feather that was released in my home.

My family quickly recognized that God was doing a great work and a piece of Heaven was showing up in our midst. The supernatural was merging with the natural so much so that it became a daily occurrence and experience. The Lord also allowed my family to experience the angel feathers—they were appearing to my daughters. When guests would visit our home, they started receiving feathers as well. Sometimes feathers would fall out of thin air and indeed there was no denying angels were nearby and it was Heaven’s desire to allow us to experience their closeness.

I still don’t know what happened or why God allowed me to experience this, but one particular day the feathers continually appeared; every time I would turn around, I saw one after another after another. I even remember videoing the feathers to share with my prayer partner—and during the video, yes while recording the actual video, a feather fell out of thin air and into my hand. Tears came to my eyes as I begin to think about the goodness of Jesus and how He is so concerned about us!

Our Intentional God

Because we serve an intentional God, I began to seek Him about these angel feathers. Angels have always been fascinating to me, but I knew there was a purpose in all of this. And that’s when the questions started.

In some churches, people have been told not to ask God questions. But I believe that statement is far from the truth. You must ask questions; for when you do, the spirit of knowledge and wisdom will be given and granted.

God, why now? God, what’s really going on? He impressed upon me that He wanted me to teach His people about angels. Though there have been other generals in the Kingdom who have written on this subject matter of angels, there is not nearly as much there should be.

I also believe the church has studied on demons and deliverance for far too long, allowing the teaching on angels to be minimized. A burden was placed on me that His desire is to restore hope to the body of Christ—believers—and increase the faith of many who are lost. The Spirit of the Lord began to show me that because of the lack of faith, many are not able to experience the supernatural miracles that should occur on a natural basis.

In addition, God started to impress upon me that it is very difficult to receive from Heaven when doubt and unbelief is the norm. Bringing awareness of the supernatural not only soften our hearts but it also allows our hearts to open up to all of the possibilities that Heaven has to offer. I’ve been teaching for a while that the supernatural should be natural in the lives of believers. It should be the norm; but the sad reality for most is that it is not. God’s grace and mercy endures forever; and when we believe in the supernatural, things begin to shift and change quickly around us.

The Lord also assured me that there was a purpose for all the feathers. One of the main purposes was to let me and my family know angels are with us, watching over us, and assisting us to carry out the God-given assignment over our lives. If that purpose holds true for me and my family, it definitely holds true for you and yours. He encouraged me to share our experiences and release revelation that was given and granted from the throne. He said that others’ faith would be activated and they too would start receiving angel feathers, gems, and experiencing the supernatural.

We welcome the angels of the Lord into our home! We invite them! We pray and ask God to release them—and for many years during prayer I would commission the angels of the Lord to go fight, defend, and bring peace, and the words really caught up! In other words, my declarations started to manifest.

This is why it is imperative that you pray and speak the Word of God—this is non-negotiable if you want to see Heaven and earth collide.

Something happens to us when we have a true encounter with God. It is not our job to pursue “the supernatural” over pursuing God, but I do believe as we set our hearts on tapping into the supernatural with a sense of purity, we will embark upon many mysteries that are often missed by a vast amount of believers.

Lenika Scott

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