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When Your Grandmother’s Guardian Angel Protects You


When Your Grandmother’s Guardian Angel Protects You

My grandmother had arrived from Chicago to North Carolina to visit us for Jazmine’s (our firstborn) college graduation. She stayed with us for about a week and we had a beautiful time in the Lord. While with us, she pretty much sat in the same chair during the day. She would come down from the bedroom for the day, sit in the same place, and in the evening she would head to bed.

When it was time for her to return to Chicago, of course we prayed for safe travels. Shortly after the time when Grandma’s flight was scheduled to land, we called to make sure she safely arrive. My older sister Tanya was on the phone talking to Grandma who said it was raining pretty bad in Chicago and that our cousin had picked her up as planned. Then all of a sudden Grandma shouted, “KATINA” and then nothing. The phone was still connected but there was no communication, which really scared my sister who turned to me and said, “I wonder if they were in an accident.”

A few minutes later we received a call back that sure enough, they were involved in a bad car accident that totaled my cousin’s car but thank the Lord they were safe. I immediately sent a prayer and intercession call to the intercessors I am connected with and they were praying as they took Grandma to the hospital via an ambulance. All ended up as well as expected, but then it got interesting.

The next morning, right after I finished the 5:30 a.m. prayer call, I was headed into my kitchen to prepare breakfast for my youngest daughters and a very different colored feather appeared right in the same exact spot where Grandma sat during her entire stay with us. For some reason, I recorded it on my phone, for the public to see which was not the norm, as I just began sharing some of my angelic feather experiences. But I didn’t pay attention while I was doing the video, that this feather appeared right where Grandma had been sitting during her visit. Later that day as my sister and I were talking and thanking God for His protection, we realized that God was telling us, This feather was sent as a sign that I was with your grandmother and family, and I protected them for the accident could have been worse. We started thanking the Lord and praise filled our hearts! Another revelation God showed me was that this was our grandmother’s guardian angel’s feather.

As I stated earlier, the color of this feather was different; it wasn’t as white as the feathers I normally saw, it looked like an older feather. There was an inner knowing that this angel had been on this earth protecting Grandma for ninety years. WOW! When I received that revelation, I was blown away. It was a slightly off-white color and its shape to me was more structured and defined. God allowed her angel to protect my family that day and I also believe prayer played a huge part in the outcome.


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