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Freeing The Prisoners Of War


Freeing The Prisoners Of War

Freedom Is Yours

By Lori Suiter

I was asking the Lord in prayer this morning about what makes someone who used to communicate flawlessly with you ALL OF A SUDDEN feel like they are speaking a foreign language. He started to show me a tactic of the enemy to cause interference in our communication airwaves in this season. A wartime goal is always to breakdown communication between the opposing troops and their base and among the troops themselves. You can become a prisoner of war (POW) merely by tuning in to the wrong frequency, listening to the wrong voice that gives you wrong directions.

He showed me that many have gone through trying seasons where their frequency got changed without them even realizing it. We are to be tuned in to the frequency of the Holy Spirit but in times of trauma sometimes that gets switched to another frequency instead out of fear and many times it’s the frequency of a person we think holds the key to our happiness or safety. This will ultimately lead to a form of idolatry and is a major tactic of the enemy.

He reminded me of the term “Stockholm syndrome” which is when hostages develop empathy with their abductors and end up agreeing with their own captivity. They in essence make friends with their captor. This also applies to the people who are members of cults. They are free to go at any time but they have made an agreement with unhealthy leaders to the point that they don’t leave when they have the opportunity. They will even resent those trying to rescue them from these situations. They confuse control as being love. If they don’t feel controlled they don’t feel loved. They have become spiritual POW’s.

He showed me that in these situations the communication frequency gets switched to that of the captor instead of the Holy Spirit. Now people communicating on the Holy Spirit frequency are going to have problems understanding this person and vice versa. They are now listening to different frequencies. These people don’t realize that they are victims of a spiritual captor who’s intent is to NEVER free them so they can never accomplish their destiny. The goal is to keep you listening to the voice of your captor so you don’t hear the voice of your true Rescuer. Your captor will never be your friend no matter what it looks or sounds like and that’s the Truth.

God wants to free ALL POW’s whether or not they acknowledge they are being held captive. We need to look deeper into people’s eyes for there are many people trapped behind beaming smiles.

The Holy Spirit frequency is one of love, trust, faith, thinking the best, freedom, inclusion, abundance, humility, serving, fearless, bold, generous, kind, empathetic and compassionate, and full of truth. It’s the frequency of love!

The enemy’s counterfeit frequency is one of survival, mistrust, misunderstanding, cynicism, cold heartedness, exclusivity, pride, jealousy, selfishness, stinginess, striving, people pleasing, and leads to deception and bondage. It’s the frequency of fear.

He wants to change your frequency to align with the Holy Spirit. He wants you dependent on Him and not people. He holds the key to your identity, freedom, happiness, contentment, joy and purpose. Your captor does not hold these keys no matter what he promises you.

Father God, I lift up everyone reading this and ask You to move in their lives to align their hearts, eyes, ears, and will with Yours. I ask You to bring to the surface any deception that they have been believing as truth. Please forgive us for entertaining any voices that were not Yours. We are asking You to free all POW’s that have been captured during battle in this spiritual war. We release our airwaves to You and ask Yours to be the ONLY voice we hear. We want to receive and transmit on the frequency of LOVE. Scramble all counterfeit voices transmitting from the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus. We put ALL trust in You for You can be trusted with our hearts, lives and ALL we hold dear to us!!! In Your mighty name Jesus! Amen.

Lori Suiter an emerging prophetic voice with a heart for the millennial generation and for seeing them walk in their true identity as sons and daughters. She has a strong desire to build bridges of understanding and honor between people groups. She is both a seeker and speaker of truth in love whose prophetic messages have been shared through prominent prophetic ministries online. She has a passion for worshiping through dance with the belief that anyone can move for the Lord. She and her husband, Mark, live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They have a son, daughter, and a granddaughter who brings them much joy.

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