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How I Broke Free from the Spirit of Rejection

Jennifer LeClaire Exclusives

How I Broke Free from the Spirit of Rejection

Rejection once had a tight rein on my soul—and I didn’t even know it. All I knew was I always felt like there was something wrong with me. I often felt like nobody really cared. I felt misunderstood most of the time. I often felt like people were talking about me behind my back. If I walked into a room or down the aisle in a store and people were laughing, I was sure they were laughing at me. Maybe you can relate. If you feel rejected, you are not alone. Rejection is common to man. It’s what you do with it that defines you. You can reject the voice of rejection. You can sever the roots. Learn more about Severing the Roots of Rejection at… Rejection is dangerous. Rejection works subtly to destroy your self-esteem and your purpose. Rejection causes you to feel sorry for yourself and play the victim. Rejection opens the door for other spirits, especially Jezebel, to build strongholds in your mind. Rejection spurs you to reject other people before they have an opportunity to reject you. Rejection wants you to base your worth on what you do instead of who you are in Christ. Like fear, rejection is not a once-and-for all battle—but you can root the spirit out of your soul for good if you reject rejection and guard your heart with all diligence. In other words, you may still at times hear the voice of rejection but you can combat that by standing against it and embracing who you are in Christ. I’ve walked this way before. I know how to sever the roots of rejection. Now, I want to help you break free from this enemy strategy to steal, kill and destroy your relationships, your career and ultimately your life! Learn more about Severing the Roots of Rejection at…

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