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I Need Your Undivided Attention

Prophetic Words

I Need Your Undivided Attention

“I long to sit with you—to hide you under the shadow of My wings day and night. If you will just give me a few minutes, I can change your life. I can change your perspective. I can change your thoughts. I can teach you things. I can show you things. But I need your undivided attention. I’ve authorized mercy for you. I’ve authorized prayer answers for you. The enemy wants to steal away the answers and delay the answers. I see the distractions and the enemy interference. It’s like static on a radio that makes it difficult to hear the message. Sit with Me and My voice will rise above the static, and you will hear the answers the enemy has been working to keep from you.”

Proverbs 2:2–5; Isaiah 26:3; Lamentations 3:25


Father, I give You my time and I give You My heart. Help me to overcome the distractions that work like little foxes to spoil my vine and my time with You.


I decree that the enemy’s static is silenced, and God’s transmissions reach my heart. I declare that God is answering my prayers and delay is broken over my life, in Jesus’s name.

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