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Identifying the “Fear Of”

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Identifying the “Fear Of”

Yesterday, we identified fear’s role in the fall of man.

Most people have a “fear of” something, but most people don’t have a “fear of” everything. It is possible to be full of faith in one area and full of fear in another.  I speak from experience. Many American, red-haired, freckle-faced women would have a fear of traveling to a Muslim nation alone. Some would fear glacier flying in a tiny plane in Alaska. Others would fear speaking to congressional representatives on Capitol Hill about the need to stand with Israel against its enemies.

I did all of that and feared none of it. But I had a “fear of” other things that caused me not to embrace God’s master plan for my life for years – and I didn’t even know it. Remember, the serpent was subtler than any best of the field the Lord God had made. His master weapon, fear, is often just as subtle. It has to be. Once we can see it, we can defeat it by deciding to believe the Word of God rather than the word of the devil.

But let’s get back to Adam and Eve. We see that Eve’s fear of God keeping something good from her caused her to disobey God. Let’s strip out the storytelling and say it this way: Fear leads you into disobedience.

In our next installment of this series on deliverance from the spirit of fear, we’ll look at other examples in the Bible so that this statement can be confirmed by two or three witnesses in the Word.

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