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Justin Bieber: ‘Loving People Is Our Mission’

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Justin Bieber: ‘Loving People Is Our Mission’

Pop music icon Justin Bieber once again uses his social media platform to influence millions about God’s love, telling them that “Loving people is our mission.”

The singer often shares the Word of God to his social media platforms, especially on Instagram. By being real and transparent with his relationship with God, he has become a blessing to many people. And just recently, Justin talked about God’s unconditional love for humanity.

Loving People

He wrote, “Loving people is our mission. Love is the reason of our existence. To love and to be loved.” Then he stressed God’s love saying, “Even when we reject God and reject the things of God HE NEVER REJECTS US.”

Justin also highlighted God’s reckless love in the photo he shared. It reads, “God loves people who will never love Him back.”

A month ago, the Canadian songwriter also acknowledged his weaknesses and asked God to refine and purify his heart. Especially with the vast platform he has, he desires to use his God-given abilities for His glory.

“All my life I felt in my heart I was supposed to entertain. I had been given these abilities that I wanted to showcase. My heart as I get older is to ask God to refine my heart,” he wrote back then.


Moreover, Justin’s new song “Holy” signaled a change of notion in his music career. He even got emotional when he performed the song live on NBC’s show ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Chance the Rapper. Of which after the performance, he bowed down, showing his raw emotions onstage.

Over the years, the Justin Bieber we once knew who used to be rebellious and reckless is long gone. He has now grown into a man, mature in the Lord. Indeed, God has used this young man to lead his generation to God.

Just like what the lyrics of his song says, “On God, Runnin’ to the altar like a track star. Can’t wait another second ‘Cause the way you hold me feels so holy…”

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