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Over 4500 turn up to hear the gospel in Hoima


Over 4500 turn up to hear the gospel in Hoima

Multitudes in Hoima district, western Uganda have heard the gospel, encountered God’s healing power and received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior as a result of a 4-day crusade organised in the area.

From 13th-16th June, 2018, preachers from LIFT Evangelistic Ministries – Canada led by Evangelist Joel Wells embarked on a mission to see the lives of people transformed through preaching the gospel with a demonstration of God’s power at Boma Grounds.

The enthusiastic team coordinated the crusade, canvassing evangelism and meetings with about 200 local church leaders in the vicinity of Hoima and its neighboring villages with several individuals including Pastor Arinaitwe Moses, Male Moses and Pastor Alex Mutagubya who is LIFT’s representative in Uganda.

They also visited about 12 schools, and shared entrepreneurial tips with bussiness owners in the district.

Joel Wells, Team Leader/Pastor at Harvest City Church which includes LIFT Evangelistic Ministries in Hoima district, western Uganda with team including Anatoliy Byelyy, Pastor Alex Mutagubya, Pastor Arinaitwe Moses and others.

In his report, Pastor Alex Mutagubya said churches and leaders were excited about the outreach particularly because it happened during “a time of cultural celebrations in Hoima that are full of witchcraft and demonic worship.”

“The Crusade and outreaches are seen as God’s way of responding and bringing light during a time of darkness in Hoima,” he said.

Joel Wells, the team Leader, described he crusades as amazing in an update 15 June.

“The first night, as I gave the invitation for people to come forward to receive Christ, people were literally running right to the front of the stage. It was almost like a race to get there. I don’t know if I have ever seen a response quite like that. There was over 300 people that gave their lives to Christ that night,” he said.

“We just saw God move in such power, and there were so many people being delivered all over the field. For me, one of the highlights of the night was, as we were doing testimonies on stage of people who have been touched by God, a lady came on the stage with a young child. She had come to the crusade blind in both eyes. She felt her way their. She gave her testimony that God had opened one of her eyes and could now see,” he continued.

“We tested it, and indeed she could. But she was still blind in the second eye. We prayed for her right there on the stage for God to open her second eye, and she was able to follow along with my hands as I moved them around. That was really exciting,” he said, appreciating God.

Joel grew up in a pastor’s home and heard the word of God preached every Sunday. However, it was a dramatic encounter with God at the age of 19 that caused Joel to give Jesus control of his life. Soon after that time, doors opened to begin preaching in youth meetings and to travel different places doing prophetic ministry.

In recent years, God has also opened new doors and given him a burning desire to preach the gospel in the nations of the world.

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