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President Trump Impacted the World 12/6/2017


President Trump Impacted the World 12/6/2017

By Ken Malone

President Trump, made a huge impact in the world recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. This decision will have major ramifications to America and Israel. These are some of the things the Lord showed me yesterday. I will add to this as the Lord speaks to me concerning this major move.
Here is my thoughts on what this decision will do in America and Israel.
  1. Great Prosperity for both nations. The wealth and economy will increase, jobs will abound and a grace for personal prosperity will be upon us. Take advantage of this Kairos season.
  2. Great Holy Spirit Awakening Revival will increase. Get ready for a huge harvest of souls. America will see a great awakening. Israel will see a great increase in souls turning to Jesus Christ. There will be moves of God in schools, businesses, civil government, media, arts and entertainment. Watch for deep healing to take place in families.
  3. Moves of God will abound. A repeat of Joel 2 and Acts 2 will become a prophetic promise fulfilled. Prophetic dreams, words and visions will begin to once again lead the church into her victorious destiny.
  4. There is a powerful increase coming to the apostolic and prophetic gifts. Watch as apostles begin moving in great signs and wonders that will glorify and magnify Jesus as Lord both in heaven and earth..
  5. Momentum is at a new high for the body of Christ. You can now do things that were not possible a year ago.
  6. There is now great momentum in intercession. A great victory was won yesterday because of your prayers. This is the day of the intercessor. Intercessors you are being called up again into a higher level of intercession. Pastors begin giving your intercessors a greater place of authority in your church. You need them to go to the next level-you won’t get to the next level without them. Remember Jesus was and is an intercessor.
  7. Protection for our America will come back upon the land. For years we have lost some of our protection. This will begin to return.
  8. Anti Christian, Anti Semitism will increase! A great increase of persecution of both Christians and Jews will be seen. This will be at a level we have not seen before. Do not fear the works of the enemy-Our God will fight for us!
  9. Elijah, Elisha, Jehu clashes with the demons of baal and jezebel will increase. Do not fear, great boldness and strength is coming on the church to contend and defeat these principalities.
  10. The media will increase in evil. God will continue to expose the media and the spirit behind it will become weaker as the Lord deals with this part of our society.
More to come!

Ken Malone is an ordained minister, carries a governmental mantle, and serves as the founder of Forerunner Ministries and serves on the board of Dutch Sheets Ministries. Ken also serves as one of the leaders of Network Ekklesia International, an Apostolic Network founded by Dutch Sheets.  He and his wife Cheryl travel across Florida and the nation equipping, empowering and sending out believers into the harvest. Traveling extensively throughout Florida and the nation, spiritual breakthrough in the heavens over churches, cities and regions is producing a great momentum toward an unprecedented Book of Acts revival.

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