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This is the beginning of the “propel.”
By Aime Rogers
The definition of Propel [merriam-webster]: to drive forward for onward by or as if by means or force that imparts motion.
I woke up yesterday morning (January 19) hearing the word “Propel” loud and clear. For the majority of the day I just let it soak on me. It had a sense of excitement about it, like the excitement most feel when getting ready to experience something new.
I felt the Lord say, “This is the beginning of the “propel”. There has been some preliminary movement for the pioneers and for the forerunners, but like a parachute catches wind, as they are propelled forward they are bringing everyone with them. You were all called as forerunners in this new shift! My children who know my voice, my children who know who I have created them to be, the promises and plans I shared with you in the past have fixed your faith on me to provide all I’ve said I would. I have said it, I will do it! There will be a massive transfer of position and wealth in the days to come, unexpected promotions and unexpected inheritances will be manifested. My children have been calling for Heaven to manifest on Earth and My will to be done. It’s coming!
My glory will be all over the place, keep seeking My face, listen to My heartbeat; keep moving with its rhythm. I will not allow you to falter. Keep speaking My life and love to all around you. You’ve been speaking Ephesians 3:20 season, it is manifesting now, above all, abundantly beyond anything you could possibly imagine. I AM propelling you forward to gather in the harvest, it is just about ready to grab a hold. All of you, on the world stage, for such a time as this!”

Amie Rogers is a lover of Jesus, a wife, and mom of four. Her mission is to speak His life and His love through encouragement, prophetic words, and healing for others to come in contact with the Father’s heart.

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