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Prophecy: Radical Deliverance and True Freedom in 2019


Prophecy: Radical Deliverance and True Freedom in 2019

In this season, we might be called to give away spiritual birthings and Kingdom territory that God requires in order for the full destiny and purpose of His territory to come to fullness. Put your vision on the water and let God prepare a kingly place to receive your vision, bringing your vision to the heavenly level of the King of kings.

Many of you have struggled with getting deliverance and maintaining deliverance for areas of sin, weakness or compromise in your lives. This year radical deliverance and freedom is available for you to align with true freedom. In the spirit, I saw these bondages falling off like chains breaking and falling to the ground. This time the deliverance will be permanent. Distractions have become your enemy. When you are not focused on your area of responsibility, your release, open door and freedom are comprised.

No more lone rangers, as teams will rule! Instead of isolation and independence in Kingdom ministry, God’s desire is for multiplication, team support and impact. People who are more comfortable doing everything on their own will find an “end” to this mindset. Team ministry has God’s blessing and your strength and safety connected.

Kingdom principles will be birthed in government. A revival of Kingdom principles is invading secular government. Upon His shoulders is laid the government of the world. Move with the flow of this revival and there will be a crumbling of politicism in our local government and government national.

I see a 911 message to all nations. As the Body of Christ, we are entering a new season of awakening. As an army, we are marching to the beat of a new drum…a finishing drum. This wave of God’s Spirit will determine sheep and goat nations. Listen with new ears as this voice of awakening reaches each nation.

Visitation and Multiplication

The touch of God will bring acceleration. Each new move of God is personal, mighty and produces multiplication. As this visitation surrounds your life, you will find fruitfulness and favor moving you to a place of acceleration.

I encourage you to test and reexamine all your foundational principles. Reexamine your foundations, the Word, the will and the way. Don’t assume all is good and you are established. As you examine the quality and impact of your life and message, make sure all that you teach and demonstrate is to make you more like Jesus.

Move quickly with revelation, interpretation and demonstration. Moving quickly is not born out of frustration or being scattered, but is born out of timing and powerful release. Aligning with the timing of the Lord is essential for the impact of your ministry. Remove paralysis of analysis and walk in confidence.

Alignment with God’s plan and purpose will open doors. Alignment is a key principle to bring breakthrough in 2019. You can agree with His truth in your mind and not align your actions which affect your time, money, physical effort and planning. The key to alignment is to walk in the light as He is in the light, lest darkness overtake you.

Power for the Hour

God’s strength is perfect in your weakness! Start your new dance with Jesus. If you are following His lead, then this process will inspire, infill and empower you to overcome and walk in vigor. The powerful reality is that our weakness is not strengthened, but He replaces our weakness with His strength. Receive it now! This year, your destination will be revealed. Navigating your destiny is a daily process, and as you allow Him to reveal more and more of your destination, you will walk in destiny which brings peace and satisfaction. Ask and you will receive…once you receive, keep your focus!

This year, faith will be deposited in your heart supernaturally. Like a good father, our heavenly Father knows all about our destination and gives to us what we need before we know we need it. Receive, breathe in, and allow your faith to arise as He fills you with more. He wants to propel you forward with faith to match each and every spiritual process.

We will see a new thrust of evangelism for end-time harvest. The Lord will impart passion and compassion to your heart causing your love for the lost to grow. You will see more opportunities to witness to others as you go through your day-to-day activities. Ask and you will receive.

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