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Shawn Bolz: Speaking on Purpose

Spirit Life

Shawn Bolz: Speaking on Purpose

Throughout human history we have seen the impact of the spiritual declarations wielded by Christians who have passionate faith in God. These declarations, and the life behind them, have huge impact to shape societies, set culture, provide heritage, and bring vision for the future. 

I love the power of hearing others’ faith stories and then using both the Word and our own prayers to declare. These have been weapons in my own life to create the context of faith and intimacy in which I am now living.

Prayer helps us to commune with God’s nature and heart. We get to converse with God with listening ears. We get to share our pain, victory, struggles, and inner life with God. Through prayer, we allow the Holy Spirit to share with us space in God’s heart, and we experience being one with Him each time.

Declarations are when we speak out loud on purpose for purpose. These are our statements of faith, aligning us to God’s will and directives for our lives and the world around us.

In her book, The King’s Decree, Jodie Hughes uses many beautiful verses to illustrate her points, but I want to highlight one she used…

Life is in the power of the tongue: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV). As a Christian and as emotionally intelligent humans, we see that the tongue is our most powerful tool or weapon. It has power to release life wherever we go. People who understand this will speak intentionally and will eat the abundant fruit that their past words and declarations have produced.

In my own prayer devotional book, Breakthrough, I included declarations in each chapter because I so believe in this principle and theology. One of the keys I write about in Breakthrough is that we will speak to others, and to ourselves, because we realize that silence is indifference and passivity is a thief. We speak out what is inside to align our outside world with God’s truths.

Declarations help us to be intentional and therefore more aware of when God does move, because we are declaring, and then looking for the fulfillment of very specific statements.

It is time to develop words that you can use to cultivate faith in your identity, calling, and destiny.

We see lots of Scripture examples of people using prophetic words, prayers, and declarations as an articulated tool in their relationship to their faith and connection to God, themselves, and the world.

Jodie Hughe’s book, The King’s Decree, is a very specific tool to help you use words to define your own history and future with God. Through The King’s Decree, she is inviting you to use words to speak into the very fabric of your life, the spiritual realm, and the world around you.

Jodie and her family have been on a very radical journey with so many supernatural encounters that it might even seem a little overwhelming to read, let alone believe that her life could be an example of faith for you. But after you read this, faith will come by hearing the principles of declaration, the theology of what she is writing about, and ultimately the stories she tells.

This really is a series of encounters that create an incredible picture of Jodie’s inner process with God. I felt when reading her encouragements and declarations that God was using them to ultimately create an example for us of how to have our identity so deeply connected to our relational process with God.

I got so much out of this book. I have known Jodie for many years, but in reading this book it feels more like sitting down and having a mentoring conversation about deep spiritual faith than it does just an inspirational book. Settle into a cozy spot and get ready to embrace or sharpen the tool of declaration in your own life.

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