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Transitioning from old to new!

By Patricia Owyang

BRAIN, NOT BRAWN, cuts the mustard during this transition season. Fall is the transition season between sunny Summer and frosty Winter. Every thing in nature is winding down to wind up the old season in anticipation of the new.

This fall, I see strong winds of change blowing corporately upon the body of Christ worldwide and individually on many of God’s people – those who have stuck with Him resolutely through the deep trials of the past season, and His forerunners whom He has strategically raised for a time such as this. These winds have been sent to shift our landscape, positioning, connections, circumstances, mindsets and announce our callings so that we can spark revival fires all over the world to usher in an unprecedented end-time harvest of souls for His Kingdom!

The pillar of cloud is moving after a really long time, it is high time to break camp and follow Him gustily in crossing over to the other side. A new dispensation of signs and wonders, miracles, healings, deliverances, restorations, provisions, and possibilities awaits us on the other side. But first we must navigate this transition period in between the old and the new successfully. The transition season runs from the completion of an old season until the commencement of a new season. This transition period is like the narrows connecting two larger areas of water; it can be potentially hazardous if we adopt the wrong posture.

Transition is the time when we may be experiencing the telltale signs of fatigue and burnout because we have become so spent both physically and emotionally from the hard exertions of our past season.Yet because of the prophetic promises spoken over our new season, with the accompanying sense of wild excitement and intense longing to break into new frontiers, we may be tempted to run faster and rush things into being quickly when God is calling us to easy days – an in-between period of rest and recovery to repair, rejuvenate and recharge.

Transition is a delicate phase because while you may prophetically perceive what is in store for you just around the bend, these things have not actually manifested in the physical yet. So for now we need to REST BY FAITH and not push by strength.

Resting by faith is hard when there is tension in the waiting. Situations that have remained stubbornly unchanged in spite of fervent prayers and the advent of the new season may be unsettling. Doubt may set in to distort the clarity of our prophetic destiny. This is a time to tune in and not max out. It is common to press on at the same pace of the past season, at the expense of over-exerting or over-extending ourselves. Brain, not brawn, is key. We need to train our brain not to worry or premeditate about how everything will work out for us eventually. We need to train our heart to nestle in His love – that will keep us secure and unshaken come what may. In order to preside over all the new things that the Lord is adding to our portion in the upcoming season, we need to first harness our mental acuity to practise, practise, practise steadiness and sharpness in thought, vision, hearing His voice and clarifying instructions and blueprints to adequately prepare for what lies ahead. For that to happen, it is pivotal to put ourselves 100% in His keeping and trust Him like never before. In this way, we shall see well, that Lord is indeed watching to see that His word is fulfilled in us (Jeremiah 1:12).

We must not feel guilty that we have nothing else to do now but wait. The chrysalis in the pupal stage does not eat or move or struggle – nothing seems to be developing in the physical..but important changes are evidently happening internally to prepare it for its next stage. Soon, before we know it, the beautiful butterfly has broken free from the cocoon and fluttered into the new season!

Patricia Owyang is the founder and chair of Goshen International Ministries in Singapore, which serves the persecuted and afflicted church in Asia and beyond. You can find out more about our work in our Facebook page Goshen International Ministries. Patricia is also a prophetic minister and conference speaker involved in teaching, demonstrating and imparting the prophetic and the glory realm of healings and miracles. She is passionate about rallying believers from different denominations and nationalities to work together in sparking revival fires in the nations.
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