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UK Prophet Has War Room Vision With Covid-19


UK Prophet Has War Room Vision With Covid-19

I saw, what would best be described as a war room like you would see I a second world war movie, but it was massive.

There was a large long table that would sit a massive number. The room had glass windows all around and I could see the world out the windows like we were above the earth.

The room was filled with generals each one had a role of paper like a blueprint, each one came in and the unrolled their plan and they all then became excited as they began to share their plan.

I could hear words like, “strategy,” “growth” and “mobilisation” being used.

The whole feeling of the room was very excited.

Suddenly the room went silent as the door opened and a man walked in. Immediately I knew it was Jesus.

He walked to the top of the table and sat down. It was quiet for a few moments, then he spoke and said,  “Friends have you brought your plans?”

People began to speak excitedly and shared as they showed their blue print on the table.

Jesus just sat and waited as each one spoke.

It went quiet again, then Jesus stood up and flung a cloth across the length of the table. It rolled out like the train of a robe it covered all the other plans.

Again it was quiet for a moment, then wine began to pour out of the table top.

Everyone was shocked by the speed. It literally began to flood the room at speed.

This was a big space hundreds where sat around the table. In seconds the room was knee deep and very quickly the room was full. Then all of the glass windows shattered and the wine began to pour out the windows upon the earth.

I saw the Lord. He was laughing. Jesus  said, “We have seen what you can do, know watch what I can do.”

The force of the flow was such that everyone in the room were being flung about. It was holy wonderful chaos.

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