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Waves Of Your Warfare


Waves Of Your Warfare

Your power is in the low place!

By Tyler Medina

This morning God brought me through a series of dreams. One in particular was a dream of me surfing, and going under the waves until I reached the perfect wave to rise up and ride upon. Now I’ve surfed in California before and I’ve been to the beach many times in my life but I wouldn’t say I am good at surfing or even substantially educated on the matter. However, I woke up with a strong nudging in my spirit to search it out.

I was by myself in this dream, surfing in a tropical region and based off the demographics I believed it to be Hawaii. At first I was getting smacked by the waves and knocked off my board. I would get up and continue to push forward but I wasn’t taking any ground. Then the Lord spoke to me in this dream and said “these are the waves of your warfare, you have to get low!”

I heeded to His instruction and I began to change my posture. Instead of trying to rise over, or push through the waves I now began to dive under (much like you see in the picture below.) After my posture changed so did my results. Now I was taking ground! What had previously been strenuous I was now able to navigate with ease. Every time a wave came I would get low, and dive below the surface coming up and out the other side. Each time feeling stronger and more compelled. God said the strength is your ability to get low.

As I woke up, I felt the Lord calling me to study this out. So I began to look into waves. How they form, how they move, different types of waves, and this is what I came up with. I’m not going to list them all but I will highlight a few. Deep water waves (these are made up of multiple waves of different lengths superimposed on another) God showed me this as generational warfare. Capillary waves (These form when wind is blown, creating thrusting pressure over them.) These waves begin whenever God breathes something new over your life, it disrupts the enemy and he breathes back waves of retaliation in attempt to derail your new season of discovery. Seiche waves ( Change in atmospheric pressure, storm surge) these waves come after regional and atmospherical shifts. Whenever God uses you to begin to shift the spiritual climate of a region it comes with backlash and warfare. Next we have Seismic Sea waves or other known as a Tsunami (caused by a faulting of sea floor, volcanic eruption or a landslide) these types of waves are caused by penetration to the principalities that rule over a region. Once the foundation begins to undergo cracking, and God starts to tear down principalities and rulers at their core it erupts a tsunami like wave into the atmosphere. Lastly there is the “breaker” wave (As a wave approaches the shore, it grows in height and steepness as the water gets more shallow. Eventually, the waves grows to the point that the water isn’t deep enough to support it. At this point, the wave topples, or “breaks,”) All waves mentioned above have a point in which they break and topple over. I find it interesting that like Jesus who is the master of the breakthrough, these waves are also called the breaker. Breaker waves are also the waves in which surfers rise up and ride out.

These were only a few types of waves that I felt led to mention. But this is what the Lord nudged in my spirit and prompted me to share with you all. He said your power and strength lies in the low place. In surfing it requires diving below the surface of the wave. In the spirit realm it’s called prayer, intercession, and studying of the Word. This is why God commanded us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:16.) Your strength is in your ability to get low. Your strength is in your ability to humble yourself and get on your knees before God. Your strength is in your intercession that pierces through the surface. Your strength is in learning how to tap into the anointing on your life that destroys the yoke. This is why 2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” You have the power inside of you to demolish strongholds. You have the power inside of you to break every chain. You have the power inside of you to shift and shake atmospheres. You have the power inside of you to break every wave of warfare that tries to rise against you. His name is Ba’al-Perazim and he’s the God of your breakthrough!

Whatever you’ve been facing. Whatever has been trying to rise up against you. Whatever schemes the enemy has been plotting. Whatever waves of warfare the enemy has waged against Gods servants. I’m declaring to you today that it is breaking in Jesus name. I’m declaring that the master of the breakthrough is invading your season, and the tides of refreshing are coming. I’m declaring that the waves and strategies of hell are crashing down. The waves that have swelled up against you are breaking and you will rise up and ride them onto the shores of your destiny in Jesus name. Stay low, stay humble, stay in intercession. Don’t be shifted by the warfare but stay in the low place because God is getting ready to exalt you. Your power is in the low place! The waves that were meant to topple you will topple beneath you in Jesus name. They will not over take you but you will ride upon them, and be thrusted into the next dimension. Everything in your life is shifting now in the mighty name of Jesus.

Tyler Medina is a revivalist and emerging prophetic voice in love with Jesus with a heart to see the world changed by the power and love of God. Currently residing in Medford, New Jersey, he is currently finishing his book titled, Run Away Bride: Returning to the alter of Christ, a book that is triggered to unveil our identity, and answer “who we are, and what it means” to be the bride of Christ. He is Currently launching Forged by Fire school of ministry with a heart to equip, train, and activate the body of Christ in this hour and return the apostolic mandate of the church. Raising and training true disciples that will change the nations and impact eternity for the glory of God! 

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