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What You Need to Know About the Next Spiritual Attack

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

What You Need to Know About the Next Spiritual Attack

You must know the schemes and strategies of the devil before you can defeat him.

Havilah Cunnington

Havilah Cunnington, one of the pastors at Bethel Church, talks about the schemes of the enemy and how to defeat him. Many Christians when facing hard times often wonder whether it is a scheme of the enemy or a test from God or just the fruits of our actions and decision. We must know how to clear up that confusion in order to fight the battle.

“We can’t fight battles if we don’t know where they’ve come from,” Havilah emphasized.

Strategies of the devil

One must first know what the schemes and strategies of the enemy are before we can fight against him.

“You must understand your enemy for you cannot defeat what you do not understand,” she explained. “And you have a real enemy that hates your life. He is fascinated with defeating you, he’s obsessed with taking from you.”

Power of God in You

Some Christians don’t want to deal with the enemy, because they didn’t know that there is God’s power in them that can defeat the enemy. And some are always cautious about the enemy that they always blame the enemy for every bad thing that happened.

You must have the wisdom of God when discerning whether a situation is from the enemy or not. You must be fully aware of his schemes. However, do not be afraid of him. The same power that defeated the evil on the cross is in you, be confident in God’s power.

“I’m not going to spend my energy being afraid of the thief,” Havilah said. “I’m actually going to spend my energy building the abundant life that Christ came to give me.”

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