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When Life Feels Too Hard to Handle

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When Life Feels Too Hard to Handle

When life gets tough it’s so easy to only see the hard stuff, to think that somehow if your life was different it would be easier or better somehow.

But when you take time to rest in the life you have it gives you the ability to connect to how good you actually have it.

So many times this last week @jonnyduffield turned to me and said “I can’t believe this is our life, we are so blessed!” It’s true we are so blessed and it’s so hard to see that blessing when you have your head down trying to “make life happen”. It can almost make you resent or want to run from the blessing of your life.

Slowing down gives you the ability to reflect and connect to gratitude, and gratitude allows you to connect to the fact that so much of the life we are living is the very life we fought and prayed for.

There are so many blessings right in front of us that we are blind to, simply because we don’t take the time to see them.

Being married is hard, raising kids is hard, raising a child with special needs is hard, work is hard, singleness is hard, not having kids is hard, having Neuro-typical kids is hard, life is just hard!

I want 2021 to be the year of contentment. The year that when things get hard, I sit back and think about how great it is, even in the midst of hardship.

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