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When My Angels Fought Off a Real-Life Gangsters

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

When My Angels Fought Off a Real-Life Gangsters

“For this reason we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.” —Colossians 1:9-13

The Kingdom of God is a real place!

I know of many others who have experienced Heaven. People don’t always share about it because it is often too difficult to put into words just how wonderful Heaven is. All that to say, I’m not special because I’ve been there. Rather, it is the testimonies of what Heaven is like that help me endure whatever is necessary on earth to ensure that, in the end, I get to Heaven.

A vision is where your spirit is taken and shown something. They can happen while awake or sleeping. Oftentimes, I am given visions in part, and then after I research in the Bible what I saw I am given a continuation of that same vision. Without the study, I believe I would miss the importance of what God shows me in the visions.

Bringing those heaven ways and truths into our lives will change everything. I often try to share specific testimonies of Heaven to strengthen our faith. (1) I believe that these were shown to me for the purpose of my continued salvation, and possibly for yours too. These realities are beyond my simple words, but my hope is that the few people being saved would be greatly multiplied!

Heaven operates in perfection! If we can understand why something works there, we can implement those principles here on earth.(2) I want all of those understandings to be alive inside of me so that the Kingdom of God is breaking out all around me and through me. I know that this is how I will do the things that Jesus did, and even greater things!(3)

Many times, God sends angels to help as a guide. People ask if angels are assigned to everyone. I don’t know if everybody has an angel, but I have one. If I will listen, my angel helps me when I am in trouble. I tend to believe that everyone has at least one. Let me share a couple of angel encounters to illustrate.

Once when I was leading an outreach in the inner city, my angel helped me out of a very dangerous situation. I had broken a couple of my own rules: to know where you are at all times and do not go alone. To make a long story short, I was in a bad part of town and got turned around. A tough guy walked up to me and asked me why I was in his neighborhood.

I answered without hesitation. “I am here for you, to tell you about Jesus!”

I believe that my God sees and helps me especially when I am preaching the gospel. Whenever I feel afraid, I want to be sure that He is watching. Many times because of fear, I begin to worship or preach, whichever one is most appropriate. If the feeling of danger ramps up, I get louder!

This man did not look interested in hearing about Jesus. I felt danger approaching from around and behind me. More tough guys came and surrounded me. The situation did not look good for me.

I asked, “How many of you guys have a relationship with the Savior, Jesus?”

All of a sudden, the first guy looked behind me and asked, “How many of those guys in white are with you?”

I heard the voice of my angel telling me that he was near. I answered, “All of them!”(4)

The angel told me to turn around and walk toward his voice. I did just that. I never saw him or the ones he had brought with him to help me, but they were more than enough to cancel my desperate situation. It was as if my feet knew exactly where to go. My legs shook from the fear that was leaving my body. I started rebuking myself for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but this was just more fear leaving my mind. I prayed and asked Holy Spirit to tell me what I should be thinking. I felt His pleasure and felt the word “brave” being increased as a reality in my spirit. Who knows? Maybe those men needed to encounter me just then. I am sure that my angel has helped me many times, especially when I couldn’t physically do something.

Another time I was on a roof trying to paint the front of some dormers for a friend. The house had three stories with the basement mostly exposed. The ladder and scaffolding were not high enough, so I climbed up on the shortest side of the roof and walked over to the tall side with the dormers. I painted one and was going over to the other one. I had not been paying attention to my energy levels. The calf of my leg began burning and cramping; I was forced to sit down. The slope of the roof was too steep for me in that state, and I began sliding off. I tried using my free hand to stop me, but to no avail. I began screaming for help, because I figured I was going to fall off the roof. Suddenly, I felt two hands slam against my chest and stop me.(5) I frantically tried to back up, but my calf spasm made it impossible. The hands that stopped me began steadily pushing me back and up to the peak.

I heard my angel, “Be careful.”

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that angel.(6) The importance of the task given to me by the Lord allows that angel to be assigned to me for that task, which boosts my confidence.

God gives visions for a profound purpose.(7) They are meant to direct, warn, change, terrify, and encourage.(8) This first vision should give us a glimpse of who we are as the Bride of Christ and walking out that reality in the here and now of our daily lives.

When I first arrived, I quickly realized that I was on my hands and knees. My back was hurting from the weight of what was on top of me. I could feel stress in my neck, tell that my shoulders were out, and I had a migraine headache.

I was in total darkness and the overwhelming sense to quit life was running through my mind.

I could faintly hear the Lord asking, “Where is she?”

I couldn’t tell where I was, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to withstand the weight for much longer. All of my strength was being poured into these physical problems that I knew were caused by many consuming circumstances in my life. I could not answer Him because taking my focus off my problems was inconceivable.

I heard in the distance another very familiar voice answer Him. It was the voice of my angel. He had swooped under me and looked in my face. He appeared as a light. I knew that my eyes were open, but I was staring blankly in desperation.

I was glad that I was not alone and that my angel was at hand. With his help, I could win! I heard him answer the Lord. “She’s here under these circumstances.”

I’m thinking, “Oh no!”

All too often circumstances can cripple and capsize the best plans. I have taught on this subject before. However, teaching about it is not the same as going through it. God doesn’t put us under circumstances; we do that to ourselves. Many times we need help from others to get free.

I heard the Lord say, “Stand her up!”(9)

My angel again appeared like a bright light, this time directly in front of my eyes. He said, “Stand up!”

I began to try, but it was the might of my angel that brought me up from the dark place where I could not see or live. He didn’t need my might, just my agreement. The angels don’t personally understand “choice.” And although they do not force people they are assigned to help, they always obey the will of the Lord. I can’t imagine the restraint they operate in or their confusion at our state of disobedience. After all, hell was created to accommodate those wicked angels, now demons, who chose rebellion.(10)

Now that I was standing, the new daylight and wide-open space was so refreshing. Instantly everything seemed better, and my problems appeared smaller. Sometimes just a new place can change everything. I looked up and I was in Heaven. The Lord, in His majesty and power, was standing at the top of the mountain and I was standing on a remarkable path. It was lined with fragrant flowers and had the purpose of bringing the Bride to the Bridegroom. I was in Heaven, and I was His bride. He was brilliantly magnificent and filled with light! (11)

Just a second ago, I was willing to quit. I had no idea I was so close to seeing Him. I think that the hardest times are right before He moves on our behalf. Waiting on God creates the ability to endure. His timing is a gift that strengthens us and should be treasured for what it produces.

Jesus smiled at me. The effect of His smile was life-giving! His pleasure over His creation is what makes a human heart come alive. I felt the effects from His smile on my physical body, and His pleasure was all I desired.

He called to me with excitement, “Come!”

I began walking. I was now on a bridal march. I looked down and noticed that I was wearing a stunning white wedding dress. However, I was dirty, and the dress had stains on it. Many of the stains came from the circumstances I was under. Others had been there for a long time. I needed a bath, and my dress needed to be cleaned. I was not happy that I was on the bridal march in that condition. Therefore, I was suddenly very self-conscious and wanted to stop.

My angel pointed for me to look up. Once I looked at Jesus again, I knew that He would make it all right and that everything was going to be OK. I could actually see my angel clearly. He was big and strong. He was striking with almost chiseled looks. He had on a brilliant white gown. I could see his wings, which meant he was on official business. He motioned for me to follow him on a different path, which looked like it would be more difficult than the other paths. He waited for me to pass him on the path. I looked around and saw other people who were also on their bridal march. Some people took the shortest route straight up the mountain. That way looked good to me too. My angel asked me to consider the long and difficult way.

What? Why would I want to go the long way? That made no sense to me. I wondered which way Jesus would recommend. My angel could somehow understand my dilemma. He smiled at me. I knew that he had been especially chosen for me—to help me achieve the purposes for which I was created.

I was reminded of a scripture that I struggle submitting to—where Jesus tells people to pick up their cross and follow Him.(12) My cross is not just a hard circumstance in my life, but rather it is obedience to the task the Lord has for me. I was glad my angel was there. He made it easier for me to obey. Ultimately, I had to trust that Jesus was going to be with me.

Trust is an unseen virtue that is powerful and living. Sometimes the only way I can see something is through the trust that I have in the One who is guiding me into it. Jesus is my rear guard, and my angel is assigned to walk behind me. He was so big that he could see over and in front of me. Although it appeared that the direction I traveled was away from the Lord, I knew that the angel had heard His command so he could only help me achieve that goal. I walked down the path, and as I walked the terrain changed. It was not stable. It was a path less taken, and I was on a trailblazer type adventure. There were different looking people all around who were not wearing wedding clothes.

Then, I realized it was because they didn’t yet know Jesus and had no idea that the Lord has called His Bride to Himself.(13) These people were not on the same plain as the heavenly one where I could see Jesus on the mountaintop. I wondered how the vision of a heavenly walk could be mingled with the everyday affairs of the people on earth.(14)

The angel understood my confusion. He explained without words that I was in two places at the exact same time. My earthly body could only comprehend one reality at a time. That was why if I looked back, I would no longer see Jesus. He assured me the Lord was still watching me. Jesus was not restricted and could see in every reality with His resurrected body.

An understanding came to me that I should ask for gifts for these people.(15)This path, though less taken, would affect many others to become the Bride of Christ.(16) I was blessed to get to live this life on earth knowing that my bridal march would change many others. On it, I could ask Jesus for anything in His name in accordance with His will.(17) Through trust and faith in Him I could give my bridal gifts to them. Wow!

Nations go to war for their queen. This concept comes from the Lord and is a perfect picture of how Heaven is at war for the Bride of Christ. Think about the weddings you may have attended. Everyone watches for the bride. In fact, when she walks in, it is customary for everyone to stand at her entrance. For a short time, I was a wedding planner. Different parts of the wedding are more or less significant depending on the bride. However, the bridal march is always one of the most important.

Let me use our oldest daughter’s wedding as an example. Due to a set of unique circumstances, her wedding was held in the mess hall of the local university. In a matter of hours, it was transformed into a beautiful venue. In fact, the administration was very excited to see the transformation. They took many pictures so that they could purchase similar items to make the room a wedding rental. Remarkably, the tiles on the floor had the exact colors of her wedding. The room had three tiers with the bottom level transformed into an altar. Mike and our daughter, Krystal, entered from an “exit” stairway at the very top of the room. She walked the long way around the whole level, passing all the guests who stood at beautifully decorated round tables. She paused before coming down onto the second level, looking down to where her groom, Andrew, stood. She repeated the process on the second level before stepping down onto the far side of the first level. The clapping for her wedding march was never ending. This march was much longer than a regular church aisle. She and Mike loved it! She was radiant. Mike was so proud of her and glad that he was able to show off his great love for our firstborn to our little world. Andrew waited expectantly at the bottom far end. He had eyes only for her.

My life on the earth is now my heavenly bridal march. I noticed that the first group of people I was approaching needed food. I prayed, thanking Jesus for His ever-watchful eyes upon me.(18) I told Him how grateful I am to be His bride and to have the privilege to invite everyone to join the march. I asked for His help, and for the authority to bless them, and that they may join in the celebration. With my love for Him increasing each time I shared about His identity, I grew in compassion, humility, and passion for the ones all around me.(19) Jesus granted me increasing authority in direct proportion to my growing love. People came to the saving knowledge of Jesus and began their own bridal march.(20)

With this bridal authority, whatever we ask from the Lord, He will give if the one asking believes in Him, His goodness, and His loving kindness.(21) Who on her wedding day would worry that the man she was marrying was not going to meet her basic needs? Or that she would have to beg him to assure her of his love?

As I left that first group, the path approached a fork. I could faintly see my angel who directed me to take the more difficult path. I caught a glimpse of my dress from the heavenly realm. It was becoming cleaner. Amazingly, beads and appliques were being added from each interaction on the journey.

The path was hard. No one had taken it in a long time. I was hot, tired, and hungry. I wasn’t sure where I was, and I could feel danger all around me. I started feeling sorry for myself. Then the memory of being under those circumstances at the beginning of the vision reminded me that I am the Bride of Christ. I began humming “here comes the bride.”

Suddenly, I was with a people in the mountains who needed a well. I wanted to help them and I knew to look up because the King was watching. I understood that even if I couldn’t see Him, He would give me what I was asking for these people. It was my pleasure to jump in and help them, to tell them about my Bridegroom and His immense goodness. As the water began to spring forth, I laughed at His willingness to bless His bride on her walk.

Then people began surrounding me who were hurt, sick, and dying. I knew that I could help these ones too. My Jesus is the great Healer.(22) They just needed to know Him.

As I walked, the idea of the wedding of the King brought me much excitement. It would be the wedding of all time. And no one would want to miss it. I had an idea and began asking for the same gift over and over. I knew that each person whose eyes I met was important! So I asked the Lord that, if we met, I desired them as my gift to and for Him. And that their names would be written in the Book of Life so they could spend eternity with us.(23) I began asking and asking for the souls of people. I understood that they needed to exercise their choice, but my prayers were for those choices.

This vision changed me in many ways. I think of myself as His bride, so I act like it. I use my authority to bless others, especially in telling them about Him. I believe that His eyes are on me. I don’t look for the shortcuts. The hard things don’t cause me undue distress. I pay attention to the circumstances that can sabotage my march.

I make a point of stopping and looking into people’s eyes. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard these things: “You look very familiar.” Or, “There’s something about your eyes.” And, “Do I know you?”

God is living inside of me, and I want them to know Him.(24) In a wonderful way, I love them and their souls. I think that they remember the love of God from when He kissed them and started their lives on earth. I think that they can see Him and His love for them. How will they even know there is a wedding unless they are told, and how can they be told unless someone goes to tell them?(25)

There are no shortcuts to bridal authority in Christ.(26) It’s one right decision and then another one. There are actions that create patterns and habits to help us do this. We are all on this march and we get to choose. There are shorter routes or longer ones that are hard and filled with many hard circumstances. It is important to remember that we can affect the homeless and hopeless. We can affect the teenagers who are confused and lonely. We can change neighborhoods, workplaces, and governments. We can affect our own families.

If we will take this bridal march seriously, we can ask for the gifts for others. We can dazzle the King with the beauty we create in our bridal gown by our acts of Christ’s love.

May I suggest that you look for the long way? Make a portion of your march about the ones who need Christ. On this march, there is nothing the King won’t give you. Think about that!

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