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Most people underestimate children, and many parents don’t even know what their own children are capable of. You may know in theory that there’s no junior Holy Spirit, but haven’t seen it for yourself. The solution is to have this kind of behavior activated and alive in your own home, and I’d love to show you how!

A few years ago, I was doing ministry in another country, and I asked the adults to bring some of the children in. There were a few thousand adults, and about 23 children. I brought the children up on stage, and they began to call out words of knowledge. I let them go, and they ran throughout the audience where adults were getting healed left and right.

A woman told me, “A child ran by me, and immediately all of the pain left from my neck and back. I am completely healed because a child ran by me.” Miracles were happening all over this 3,000 person conference, and they were all being administered through children. Afterwords, their parents came up to me and said, “I’d always heard there was no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit, but today I saw, and I really believe.”

Why do I share this with you? One of the keys for seeing the supernatural in your home is to hear testimonies about it. “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,” (Revelation 19:10b). This simply means that when you hear a testimony of something Jesus did, you can receive that as a word for what He wants to do for you, too!

Share the testimony from this blog with your children, or as you read the Bible together and you see a testimony, point it out to your kids. The next time someone in your home or church needs healing, take the time to pray! These are great safe places to start training your children (and yourself!) to step out in a supernatural lifestyle.

Are there any impossible situations your family is facing right now? What would it look like for God to intervene? Invite your children (in an age appropriate way) on the journey with you to pray and see God do the impossible! My prayer is that you would be blown away by what your children are capable of!



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