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The US President Donald Trump asked pastors and worship leaders to pray over him inside the Oval Office.

Faith Briefing at White House

On December 6, pastors and worship leaders gathered in the White House for a faith briefing organized by Paula White-Cain. The faith leaders across the country were led by Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe, Brian and Jenn Johnson, and Brit Nicole. They also prayed for about an hour in the Eisenhower building.

President Donald Trump then surprised everyone in the Cabinet room, welcomed them and asked them to pray for him.

“I know you guys have come to pray for me and I know you care about what’s happening in this administration,” Trump said to the group.

Pastors and Worship Leaders

About 50 pastors and worship leaders gathered in the Oval Office prayed for the President.

“All 50 of us crammed into the Oval Office. He sat at his desk and he said to pray for me,” Sean Feucht, a Bethel Music worship leader said. “We just laid our hands on him and prayed for him. It was like a really intense, hardcore prayer. It was so wild. I could not believe he invited us in. That he carved out time to meet with us.”

“God is moving!”

Worship leaders from Nashville, Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes, shared how they were inspired by God’s moving over America.

“The thing that moved me the most was just how everyone is so for making sure we’re changing people’s lives and not leaving those that are marginalized and those that have been trafficked…they’re working to end these things and change these things,” Kari shared. “I’ve just been in tears all day…God is moving.

May we all remember that no matter who the President is, Jesus is still the Lord of this nation!  Let’s pray for America…



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